134 Of The Greatest Sneakers In Human History All On One Chart

Sneakers are a huge part of our lives, or least a huge part of my life. A pair of perfect fitting sneakers is like an old pair of blue jeans. They feel like home when you slip them on, and they’ve been with you through a lot. If you have a pair of sneakers that you love, you know exactly what I mean. Everyone has their favorite brand of sneakers. The question, which sneakers are the greatest sneakers ever made? This chart attempts lists the top 134 pairs of awesomeoness.

This chart is called A Visual Compendium of Sneakers, and it’s another Pop Chart Lab original. If you click over on that link, you’ll see that you can purchase it for $32. However, I left the image below super huge so you can probably print it nicely so you don’t have to buy it.

According to this, the first pair of the 134 greatest sneakers ever made is the 1917 Chuck Taylor. It ends with the 2013 Nike Kobe 8 System. The thing I found most interesting about this chart is that if you follow it through the decades, each pair represents something from that particular moment in time. It’s like looking at a sneaker version of a time capsule. I never knew so much information about our style and culture is evident in our choice of sneakers.

I remember when Reebok high tops were popular, and of course when Vans were introduced, everyone went nuts. I also remember the white sneakers in the ’80s that had the Velcro closure. Looking back, I can’t believe we wore those. There are several brands listed on this chart, but it appears that Nike is represented the most. So, do you agree? Are these the greatest sneakers ever made? I don’t know if they are the absolute best, but it’s an admirable attempt and an impressive chart.

134 Of The Greatest Sneakers Ever Made

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Header Image Credit: [Sneaker News]