29 Fun Ways To Stay Creative & Keep Going

I write a minimum of three blog posts every day, seven days a week here at Bit Rebels. We publish a total of six new articles each day on this blog. Sometimes people ask me where my co-writers and I find that inspiration, and how we are able to maintain that level of creativity. Although I feel humbled when people ask that, I can assure you that there is certainly nothing special about me or the frequency of my writing. I made a commitment in 2009 to do my best here, and to me, I’m simply just keeping that commitment. It’s a level of dedication and hard work that I’m willing to maintain because I truly love what I do.

As far as inspiration goes, I find inspiration each day from the simplest things. Sometimes it comes from hearing a door close, or stirring my coffee. I’m inspired by the beauty of nature and my son’s happy smile. I’m also very inspired by my co-writers Richard and Misty. My favorite sound in the whole world is the sound of a child laughing, and I get more inspiration from that than anything else.

Creativity; however, is different to me. Writing posts on this blog is not where my own creativity comes into play because I write to celebrate the creativity of others. A large percentage of the articles on Bit Rebels are about the creativity of artists, musicians and writers all over the world. My own creativity comes into play when it comes to coming up with new marketing ideas and features for the site itself. Richard and I talk on Skype about those things every week.

When it comes to marketing your blog and monetizing it, creativity is critical in my opinion. It’s important to put yourself in an environment where you don’t limit yourself or your ideas, and where you can allow your creativity to flow. If you would like to read more about creativity and how to ignite that fire inside of you, you can check out Creativity Takes Courage: 5 Ways to Build Your Courage, 5 Traits Of Creative People, and 20 Ways To Stimulate Your Own Creativity. This video below recently posted on YouTube is so cute, and it offers 29 ways to stay creative. If you’d rather see these in list form, you can find that on YouTube. You’ve read enough about me in this post, what about you? How do you stay creative? What inspires you each day?

A few years ago Richard and I were tweeting about creativity. He said that sometimes being super creative can bring about jumbled thoughts of confusion. I agree with that completely, and this image below reminds me of that Twitter conversation from 2009. I like this a lot, and it’s definitely creative.
Ways To Stay Creative

Ways To Stay Creative

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