3 Useful Tips To Help You Sleep Better!

Lately, I have practicing the art of sleeping. Yes, you heard me right, sleeping. I have insomnia. One definition of insomnia is “difficulty initiating and/or maintaining sleep, or non-restorative sleep, associated with impairments of daytime functioning or marked distress for more than 1 month.” I started having problems sleeping when I was working as an Events Manager for Leo Burnett. My body clock became unstable since I was setting up events at all hours almost every week. I noticed that I had very little energy and had a hard time concentrating.

Sleep is something that people take for granted. However, it is one activity that will allow us to be more productive and give us more energy. Getting at least 8 hours of sleep each night will allow you to think better on your feet. I have noticed a big change ever since I have been getting my 8 hours of rest everyday. Here are some tips that I hope will allow you to do the same.

1. Try to minimize your caffeine – I love coffee and I try to drink my daily dose in the morning. I avoid drinking caffeine during the late afternoon.

2. Exercise in the morning if you can – This will help your body relax by late afternoon. Plus, by making yourself wake up early, you will allow yourself to sleep better at night.

3. Develop a sleeping habit – Listen to relaxing music, read a book, count sheep or do something that will allow your body to relax. For example, I tweet a lot but by a certain time I say goodnight to my followers and close my Tweetdeck.

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