4 Important Reasons To Stop Taking Everything Personally

The human population is quickly approaching 8 billion people. When you put it into perspective, how many of those people do you think care about what you’re doing? The truth is that people only often think of themselves. Yet, we convince ourselves that everything is about us.

It’s crucial we stop this habit for both our mental and physical health. That’s exactly why we’re here to offer a list of 4 important reasons to stop taking everything personally.

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4 Important Reasons Stop Taking Personally


Diminishes Your Self-Esteem

Perhaps one of the most important reasons to stop taking everything so personally is that it diminishes your self-esteem. If you’re constantly on edge or wondering what other people are thinking about you, then you’re always going to feel judged and as if you aren’t good enough.

The truth is that people often project their insecurities onto others. So, if someone has something negative to say about you, it’s likely it has much more to do with them than it ever had to do with you.

Increases Anxiety And Depression

When you take things personally, you go through a spiral of negative, catastrophic, or psychic thinking. You take on the opinions of others and you view them as fact instead of questioning them.

In turn, this is likely to cause symptoms of anxiety or depression – as both mental health disorders are the result of our thoughts. If you spend your time thinking about others’ perceptions of you, you lose your grip on reality and the truth of who you are.

Instead of taking things personally, switch your focus to how you view yourself without ruminating or assuming how others view you.

Takes A Toll On Relationships

It should come as no surprise that taking everything personally takes a heavy toll on relationships. When you assume that someone’s behavior or actions are directed towards something with you, you run the risk of judging, condemning, or assuming the worst in people.

Instead of taking everything personally in a relationship, seek clarity with them instead. If you assume something, ask them. If you don’t get an answer, then don’t waste precious energy trying to predict what they mean. Instead, use that energy to work and focus on yourself instead.

Negatively Impacts Physical Health

Did you know our thoughts have a direct impact on our physical health? There are many reasons this is the case from certain thoughts releasing hormones in our body and other thoughts that direct the choices we make each day.

If you take everything personally, you’re likely going to experience an increase in cortisol, which is a hormone that’s related to weight gain.

If you take everything personally, you may be more fearful to go to the gym for worries about people judging you. If you take everything personally, you may end up overeating junk food as a way to cope.

4 Important Reasons Stop Taking Personally


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