4 Tips For Storing Furniture In A Storage Unit That Lacks Climate Control

When you acquire a real estate property and need to move to the new house, you might find yourself needing to pack and store your furniture in to ease the shifting process. Storing the furniture in storage units Portland that are not fitted with climate control for extended periods of time can cause some damage to the furniture. It is therefore important that you find ways to keep the furniture safe if you plan to leave it there for several weeks.

One of the ways you do so, based on latest news, is to wrap your furniture items so they can last longer. By wrapping items, you prevent their wood from drying up, fabrics from fading, the quality of music instruments from deteriorating and electronics from failing due to exposure to very hot or cold temperatures. Here are useful tips to help you store your furniture safely in a storage unit that does not have climate control.

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1. Disassemble The Furniture Before Putting It In Storage

Disassembling furniture reduces its chances of getting damaged. Check for removable parts of your furniture like headboards, table legs, and footboard and separate them from the main body. Be sure to keep the screws safely in labeled bags so you can retrieve them easily and fast when you need to reassemble the furniture.

Before putting the wooden furniture in your storage unit, be sure to clean then wax it. This provides the wood with additional moisture that it needs to remain safe in the unit in the absence of climate control. Also, keep your belongings inside wooden drawers and cover with a cloth to protect them from dust. If you have space, consider pulling off the drawers and keeping them separately but avoid placing wooden items close to the door just in case rainwater seeps in.

2. Clean Your Fabric Furniture Before Storing Them

Furniture that has fabric like chairs, sofas and mattresses need cleaning before storage to reduce their chances of developing mildew or mold. Use antibacterial cleaners to wipe their surfaces and allow them sufficient time to dry well before placing them in your storage unit. Also, consider placing padded blankets or covers on the furniture to keep it safe during moving as well as prevent it from getting scratched while in the unit.

3. Cover Furniture With Shrink Or Plastic Wraps

Consider covering your wooden furniture and any fabric furnishings using plastic or shrink wraps and secure the wraps with masking tape. Since you are storing the furniture in a storage unit that has no climate control features, put two layers of the plastic sheet on your furniture to protect it from rodents and insects that burrow wood.

4. Polish Your Metal Furnishings

If you have furnishings that have metal sections, consider polishing them to guard them against oxidation. Also, wrap them in plastic wraps so they are protected from dust, arid and heat conditions. For silverware items, place them in their original box before storing them in your storage unit. Moisture proof all your furniture and metal accessories especially if you are leaving them in a region that experiences fog.

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