5 Empowering Styles For Strong Women

On the days you feel quiet, you can choose a flowery dress to depict your confident calmness. And on days you feel feisty, you can slap on a badass black pride crop top with statement shoes that announce your presence when you walk.

Style is a way of saying who you are without having to speak up.” — Rachel Zoe

You make the rules. You can have choices, explore those choices, and have the capability of making personal decisions. What is true empowerment?

What better way is there to empower a woman than her personal style?

As trivial as it may sound, fashion adds that extra layer of confidence and mood-enhancing colors that add a spring to your step. The best part is that you don’t need those high shoulder pads and pinstripes to make a statement. Or pay huge, pricey amounts to suit up in a killer outfit from big fashion brands before you boost your inner confidence.

No, madam.

There are various styles (and pieces) that you can emulate to make you feel you’ve got it made in the shade. That’s what this article is about. We’ll be taking you through several empowering styles for the modern, powerful woman.

Of course, there is no one-size-fits-all formula. The real secret is to find your inspiration, discover your signature style, and then run with it.

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A Blazer Never Lies

Nothing looks more professional and majestic than a well-tailored blazer. It is easy to style on any ensemble and has no preference for age, profession, or skin tone. With effortless grace, a blazer can work for a daily style routine or for a gleaming occasion. Take your style to the next level and pair your blazer with a crisp white shirt and denim jeans that scream fierce and unstoppable. Or pair them with suit pants and a pair of killer heels—perfect for a black-tie event.

Monochrome For The Win

Monochrome clothing is highly versatile. The best part about it is that it takes minimal effort, but produces a maximum amount of glamour. In detail, monochrome dressing in a one-directional type of strategy involves the use of a pantone of color or shades of a color to complete any outfit. Contrasting textures and fabrics could also add depths and layers. Pair a monochrome look with accessories that pop, to add a dash of color. The freedom and ease that monochromatic outfits present empowers women in however manner they like.

A LBD (Little Black Dress) Is Always A Good Choice

Having an outfit you can style is sexy. Having a dress you can style multiple times is sexier. The combination of minimalism and utility makes a little black dress endearing, professional and empowering. You can style an LBD with black pumps for daytime office wear. If you are running late for a party, simply switch up the look with embellished sandals and jewelry for a nighttime look.

Pick The Right Accessories

Whether it is a pair of pretty cocktail earrings, nude pumps, a leather bag, a wide belt, or badass sunglasses, confidence starts with the right pair of accessories. These accessories are essential to pulling an outfit together, and may at times be referred to as ‘ enhancers.’  Here, quality over quantity must be taken into consideration. Worn out and broken accessories are excess garbage. Throw them out!

Step Out In Bright Colors

Most people shy away from the bright colors in clothing. It is super empowering to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. If you want to start little, start by making a statement with a bright accessory. I promise it would go from just plain meh to fabulous.

Clothes do not make you. It’s not a concrete descriptor of who you are, or what you want, or even what you are capable of. However, it can influence how you feel.

With these styling tips, you should definitely feel more confident in whatever you set your mind to wear. Try out styles that conform to your distinct taste, let your personality seep through, pick style icon(s), express yourself. You just might discover the inner confidence you didn’t even believe existed. The world is your runway, girl. Do you?

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