5 Overlooked Ways To Get The Perfect Night’s Sleep

Getting a great sleep should be easy right? It’s just sleeping, we were born to do it! Well for many people that simply isn’t true. That’s why I’ve put together these 5 tips to ensure you get a perfect night’s sleep.

1. Start With The Right Mattress

Your mattress is the very foundation of your sleep and the wrong one is going to ruin it.

[pullquote]If you’re uncomfortable you’re going to spend the night tossing and turning unable to settle down enough to sleep.[/pullquote] Then as the double whammy, you might start waking up with a sore back through the night which definitely won’t help anything!

Your mattress is only supposed to last about 5-10 years depending on the quality. So if yours is older than this it’s worth looking into buying a new mattress within an affordable price range. There are loads of helpful guides available online such as this guide to memory foam mattresses from The Dozy Owl. They help make the process of buying a mattress easy so you can get your bed in order and sleep soundly.

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2. Drink Water Before Bed

This is the biggest change I ever made to my sleep, and it’s so simple! The refreshed sense you get from a glass of water relaxes the whole body so you can fall asleep.

More than that, the body needs to be able to cool down to sleep and water helps regulate body temperature. You just need to make sure it’s not too big of a glass or you’ll be up all night going to the bathroom!

3. Ensure Your Room Has The Right Temperature

If you don’t have the right sleep environment no amount of water will help you keep cool. Keeping the window open or getting a fan is the easiest way to keep your room cool in the summer, and a pair of socks are a must in the cold winter. Your body naturally cools down as you fall asleep, so if it can’t cool down you’re never going to fall asleep.

4. No Working In The Bedroom

There are a lot of things you can use the bedroom for but work shouldn’t be one of them. [pullquote]Your mind is fantastic at making connections with places.[/pullquote] If you go into your office at work your brain knows it’s time to work hard focus and engage.

The same thing happens in the bedroom if that’s where you work. It becomes the place your brain associates with stress, being alert, focusing and everything else that is entirely the opposite of sleep. So don’t do it! Get your desk out of the bedroom and into the hall, the living room just anywhere else, not the bedroom.

5. Read Before Bed

Reading is one of the most meditative hobbies there is. It makes you focus on the one task at hand and block out all other thoughts that might be swimming around at the time. This of course only really works with fiction! If you’re reading a hard core nonfiction you might get quite the opposite effect.

Reading allows your eyes to unwind and relax unlike a phone and as they gradually tire from reading you can shut your book and go to sleep with a quiet mind.

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Author Bio: Kieran McRae is the founder and owner of The Dozy Owl, a blog dedicated to everything that will make your sleep better. Join The Dozy Owl and become the master of your own sleep.

5 Overlooked Ways To Get The Perfect Night’s Sleep

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