5 Most Common Mistakes People Make While Learning To Drive

People learn to drive every day, but there are still common driving mistakes that most drivers make. Learning to drive perfectly is not a daunting task like it appears. However, though they are common mistakes, it means instructors with experience are prepared and know how to guide aspiring drivers to prevail over the errors.

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Lack Of Consistency

You cannot perfect your driving skills if you spend most of the time away from the wheel. They say, practice makes perfect, and that requires continuous learning. You cannot learn for one week and skip for a whole month expecting to resume back the same as you left.

The more time you commit behind the wheel, the easier it will be for you to retain safe driving skills.


New drivers struggle to balance the right speed limits. Some lack confidence on the road and the result is driving slower from a fear of making mistakes. While others, especially teen drivers, tend to bring their immature personality when driving, causing careless mistakes. The most common mistakes usually involve not paying attention or being distracted by other factors such as passengers, music, or mobile devices.


Another mistake new learner drivers make is improper use of indicators. Forgetting to signal when making a turn or changing lanes can endanger other drivers and cause accidents. Getting into a good habit of using your indicators is important early on. This is a skill for life.

Use Of Mirrors

Mirrors are an important tool for a driver to know what is happening all around them. For new drivers, this is a challenge as it can feel overwhelming to look in all directions. Many road incidents are caused by drivers treating mirrors as irrelevant or improperly using them.

The first thing a driver should check before getting on the road is checking the rear and side mirrors. An easy error for young drivers is turning around to look behind instead of using the mirrors to aid them.


New drivers can cause unnecessary distress on the road by unexpectedly stalling their vehicle when driving manual. Sometimes the drivers may abruptly stall the car in the middle of the road, creating traffic and unexpected stress to motorists. It is a common mistake new drivers make early in their driver learning experience.

When new drivers are trying hard to control the speed of the car, keep within the lanes, and all the while engage the correct gear, it is easy to get overwhelmed and make a mistake. Driving manual in a controlled environment with an instructor helps young drivers build up their confidence and learn the right skills from the get-go.

Should Young Drivers Learn To Drive Automatic Or Manual?

It is all a matter of preference as well as what type of vehicle the learner will drive on. Drivers which learn manual can then drive automatic cars. But automatic drivers can only drive automatic cars until they get their full licenses which can take some time depending on the state or country they are in.


Learning to drive requires patience, persistence, and a great instructor whether it is a professional or a parent. It is a lifelong skill that most will possess, so staying safe on the roads is an important habit to get into from early on.

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