5 Reasons Why Your Dog Is Biting And What You Can Do to Stop It

If your dog has been biting, it’s understandable why you may be concerned. Not only is it a bad habit, but you may be putting those around you at risk. However, before you go getting too overwhelmed, you need to think about why it is happening. Dogs bite for a reason, and sometimes it may be preventable.

Below we are going to discuss six reasons why your dog may be biting and offer some tips to help stop it. Sound interesting? Then keep on reading.

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They Are Playing

Light mouthing and biting are just a part of play for most dogs. This is their way to engage and explore, as they don’t have hands like us humans. It usually will be light enough that it doesn’t pierce the skin. However, if you find that they are “playing” a bit too rough, there are some steps you can take. Some of which include:

  • Encouraging non-contact forms of play.
  • Providing plenty of toys that they can chew.
  • Allowing your pup to socialize with other dogs.
  • Making a yelping sound and pausing to notify them that they are too rough.
  • Having them participate in popular dog sports to relieve boredom and frustration.

They Have Been Startled

When a dog gets startled, either when they are sleeping or from behind, they get disoriented and confused. A bite is a quick reaction to defend themselves, just as if you were to put up your hand to catch a ball flying at you. This type of bite is no cause for concern. However, you should still teach children to be careful when approaching dogs. You should never wake them up by touching them.

They Are Protecting Something

Another reason why dogs may bite is if they are protecting something valuable to them. For instance, things like toys, food, and chew treats are all things they might not want you to take. Some breeds are more prone to this behavior than others. However, even in cases such as these, it’s your responsibility to ensure your dog doesn’t harm another person. Otherwise, you may get involved in a case handled by professionals such as these Lamber Goodnow Injury Lawyers.

They Are In Pain

If you find that your dog has only just started biting out of the blue, it could be because they are in pain. If your pup has been injured or is sick, biting could be the reaction after you have moved or lifted them. If you suspect this, it’s essential to visit your local vet to rule out any severe medical conditions.

They Are Afraid

Finally, one of the main reasons why a dog bites is because they are in fear. If someone they don’t know gets too close to their personal space, a quick bite is their way of saying “get back.” In order to stop this behavior, you need to think about why they are afraid in the first place. If they have been mistreated or neglected, they may need to build up trust with humans before they are confident again.

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