5 Summer Travel Essentials That Make Wanderlust Even Dreamier

Now more than ever, people recognize the importance of traveling, with some even embracing the natural Wanderlust that dwells in us all. Even if you’re not embarking on the lifestyle of a digital nomad if you’ve got travel plans this summer, why not ensure you have all the items that help you get the most out of your journey and do so in a relaxed state?

Traveling has been shown to boost not only your emotional wellness but your physical wellness too, so beyond packing the right amount of clothing, your passport, electrical outlet adaptors, and a neck pillow for long flights; there are more personalized items that can make a big impact. Please keep reading for the essential products that help you achieve that peace and tranquility we all crave as we wander.

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Soothing Silk

From silk pajamas to silk eye masks to sleep on the plane to silk maxi dresses, nothing gets you in the dream-wandering mindset like the luxurious feeling of silk against your skin. Want to wake up looking refreshed after a trans-Atlantic flight?

Slip on a silk sleep eye mask, which prevents fine lines and wrinkles and keeps your eyes from getting puffy mid-flight, a common nuisance. Take things up a notch by opting for a mask with a lavender or chamomile scent.

Massage Car Cushion

Are you wandering this summer in your vehicle? Road trips have been gaining popularity in the last few years, and millions of people have opted to live the RV life or outfit retired school buses into mobile homes.

Give yourself the coziness and indulgence of a massage car cushion that fits easily into the driver’s seat or any other seat in the vehicle. Most of these massage cushions also offer heat which is proven to relieve tired muscles, which can happen after long hours in the car.

Stylish AirPods Case

Whether you’re traveling with companions or not, you’ll get miles of use from your AirPods on your journey. They can help you stay connected to podcasts you enjoy, talk to friends and family back home hands-free, and even be used for noise-canceling on a loud flight or busy airport.

A case for AirPods is essential to keep your pods safe and ready when needed. Your AirPods charge while they’re in the case, so at the end of your day’s activities, plug in the case, and they’ll be ready for your next day’s adventure.

Leather Belt Bags

One of the best parts of traveling is experiencing the sights and sounds, food, and culture around you. Get the most out of each destination, but do it in style with a leather belt bag. Whether you call them “bum bags” or “fanny packs,” belt bags let your hands stay open to carry a fresh baguette through Paris, the best coffee you’ve ever tasted in Guatemala, or hold your child’s hand while you traverse a local farmers market for souvenirs.

Belt bags also make keeping your essentials like passports, credit cards, and other important items close to you through airports or anywhere else you wander. Lastly, they’re in trend and look stylish on everyone, no matter their aesthetic.

Cashmere Jardigan

In the last few years, the “shacket” reigned supreme – a shirt/jacket combination perfect for transitioning seasons and an easy layer to add or remove for comfort. Embrace your Wanderlust in elegance with the shacket’s more elevated cousin, a Jardigan.

The Jardigan is a jacket and cardigan combination and lets you include light layers in your travels but ready for dinner in a nice restaurant or something as casual as tea on a terrace. Cashmere is the perfect fabric to give your travels the opulent feeling we all want abroad.

Other items worth considering to include on your dreamy travel adventures this summer are a leather weekender that makes carrying on easy and beautiful, a makeup organizer to make sure you’re selfie ready every moment.

Oversized designer sunglasses for mornings when you can’t be bothered with undereye concealer before brunch and of course, a wireless charging station to make sure your devices are fully charged to capture each special moment. Life is about the adventures you take and the memories you make; make this summer’s memories dreamy. Happy Trails!

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