5 Ways To Advance Your Career

No doubt, the question of ‘how to advance my career’ is one that is commonly asked. Being on top of your career game is an utmost priority after graduation and once your studies are done and dusted, your dream job shifts from a ‘want’ to a ‘need’ with every second of your day spent searching on various job boards.

Let’s face it, climbing up the career ladder is a mission faced by many people across the globe and sadly, only a few can cut it. So, before aggressively pursuing that dream job, it’s vital to keep in mind that professional brilliance, strategic vision, and commitment are extremely important. Although not the only cornerstones of a successful career, they are certainly vital.

On the path to advancing your career, it may even be worth considering further education in the form of a post-grad course such as an MBA. This can be taken at a prestigious business school such as the Hult International Business School.

This college of excellence enjoys a presence in Boston, San Francisco, London, Shanghai, Dubai, and New York. With such a vast exposure to the international world of business, students will not only have the opportunity to obtain valuable skills needed to make waves in the world of business but will also be offered an insight into the various business cultures around the world. In the meantime, take note of the below best practices for a successful career.

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1. Have A Plan

Successful career planning is everything! As the saying goes, ‘a goal without a plan is simply a wish’. That’s why every would-be career-maker must do their personal due diligence in planning. As tedious as it may seem, it’s vital to have a plan handy.

Without one, your direction is easily lost. Rather than placing your life-plan in grey areas or in the hands of others, you are better off designing a career plan that focuses on your private goals, career goals, and financial goals.

Take your time and reflect on your current career situation. Are you satisfied with the successes of the past year? What goals would you like to achieve in the coming year? Is your career going as planned?

For an objective analysis of your past achievements and goals, it helps to write down the experience and plans that have been gained. Draw your half-year results: What did you plan to do at the beginning of the year, what did you actually achieve? With your plans backed up, it’s time to start the turbo – or think of a new strategy.

2. Brush Up Your Problem-Solving Skills

One common skill found amongst many successful individuals is their ability to solve problems with intelligent solutions. Although many career winners are natural problem solvers, it would be wrong to assume that such skills developed without any form of training.

With career development programs, your problem-solving skills are put to the test long before you start your first job. Tackling hypothetical situations that are bound to occur in a real job setting will set you five steps ahead of others.

3. Consider Business Education

If you have already had enough of studying and eager to get into the world of work, that’s understandable. However, with some further education, you will set yourself above the competition. Obviously, a clear advantage of obtaining a Post-Grad certificate such an MBA is acquiring important specialist knowledge of leadership strategies (employee and corporate governance), management skills and an in-depth understanding of your chosen professional focus.

An MBA comes with many benefits and can also provide you with an excellent starting position for your next career steps, both hiring and promotion, and salary negotiation. Clearly, the MBA brings with it a certain prestige. It signals a special quality to potential employers and can prove to be quite lucrative.

4. Have The Right Attitude

The rise up the career ladder is not a fundamental right to you as an employee. Even the best, fastest, and most efficient employee might never see a pay rise in their first five years of serving a firm; especially if their attitude sucks. Hence, the importance of separating yourself from the conviction that the amount of years you sit on that chair “earns” you a pay rise.

Rather, the best practices for career success involves approaching every day with a smile and an attitude that opportunities don’t just happen by magic; it’s you who has to create them. Rest assured that both your dedication for the job and your jolly personality will not go unnoticed.

5. Be A Team Player

It’s a classic career killer if you always record your own success and not that of others; that’s why it’s also vital to learn how to be a team player and distribute credits. It is not about suppressing your own share of the success, but about rewarding the commitment of others.

What’s more, it’s also vital to be open-minded in regard to new ideas and ways of working with your team. Yes, we all know that knowledge is power. However, no one in your organization really wants to hear again and again that you ‘already knew it’. Know-it-alls do nothing other than annoy their teammates. Winners, on the other hand, are open to new ideas and approaches.

What’s more, career winners tend to accept and encourage the independent intelligence and creativity of other people they work with. To align yourself with the career path best practices, adopting such an open mind is a win-win for everyone.

To sum it all up, learning how to be successful in a career involves brushing up on your personable skills in addition to professional brilliance. So, whilst on your mission to find the best career and before you’re thrown in the lion’s den of a real job setting, analyze how your current skills can influence others. If more skills are needed, consider some further education and show a commitment to your career goals and objectives.

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