5 Ways To Celebrate Your Engagement Without A Party

You’re newly engaged, and this is very exciting news. Congratulations! Although you’re ready to celebrate your engagement, this year things are a little bit different than usual. Due to the current global pandemic, a traditional engagement party isn’t a viable option for many future spouses. Faced with this reality, you may be struggling to come up with other ways to celebrate this momentous time in your lives.

If this sounds like your current predicament, you’re in luck. Continue reading on to explore a variety of exciting and unique alternatives to celebrate your engagement and love without the fuss or COVID-19 risks of a party.

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Take A Low-Key Trip

Maybe you can’t head across the country on a lengthy vacation, but that doesn’t mean you can’t head out on a short trip to celebrate you and your fiance. You need to find a happy medium, and a short low-maintenance trip is the answer to this. This past year forced many people to explore outdoor vacations and expeditions instead of indoor restaurants and exhibits. Take this time to go on a low-maintenance vacation with just you and your partner.

One great idea that is COVID-19 friendly is to go to the National Parks throughout the United States. You can make the trip as long or as short as you prefer depending on what’s closest to your current location. A beautiful spot to visit is the area surrounding Denver Colorado. Take the time to explore Rocky Mountain National Park and the incredible mountain views.

You can easily find furnished apartments in Denver, Colorado for the entire length of your trip. There are incredible apartments in the area that are fully furnished and ready for you to feel at home for an extended stay in the Denver Colorado area. There are apartments listed for a variety of flexible lease lengths and booking accommodations.

This way, you and your partner don’t worry about the small details like booking a new hotel room every night or feeling uncomfortable in rentals with a lack of space and furniture. Instead, you can focus on exploring hiking trails, the beautiful mountains, and what the neighboring towns have to offer. Just focus on your love for one another instead of worrying about the logistics of your stay.

Splurge On Luxury Items

If you’re not going through with an engagement party you’ll likely save some money which you can keep and use for you and your fiancé rather than spending it on the venue, food, and drinks for a party. Since you might have this extra cash lying around, consider treating you and your fiancé to some luxury gifts. You can get something either of you may have always wanted but would never buy yourself, like a Rolex watch or real diamond earrings. Think of it as a way to wish yourselves a happy engagement!

Rolex watches are known for their high-end finishes, which is why these watches are a well-sought-after piece of jewelry. It’s an ideal luxury gift for your partner to celebrate with. The Watch Box has a wide Rolex collection to choose from, so you can choose the perfect watch as a treat for your partner.

They come in a variety of styles and metals. For example, some Rolex watches come in platinum and yellow gold finishes and specific models like the popular Rolex Submariner. No matter the style you choose for your fiance, you can rest easy you’re buying them an incredibly luxurious gift at a great discount.

Make Time For Relaxation

Though your engagement is likely filled with loads of happiness and excitement, it’s also stressful in many ways. If you’re feeling this engagement stress you’re not alone. Post-engagement anxiety is actually completely normal and common. No matter how happy this time is lived up to be in popular culture, it also brings up stress and worry for many newly engaged couples. It’s a big transition for many couples to go from dating to engaged. And like any big change, anxiety bells can start ringing because this is uncharted territory.

Remember in times like these to take care of yourself and encourage your spouse to take care of themselves too. Make self-care a top priority and head to the spa. A trip to the spa is the best idea to celebrate both of you. It’s a commitment to relaxation and overall wellness. Plus, it’s a fun way to foster your personal connection if you receive your spa treatments together.

You can book a variety of body treatments, a trip to the sauna or steam room, an exfoliating facial, or a massage from massage therapists are just a few of the spa treatments that will make you and your partner relax during this stressful event-planning time. Spa services might seem a bit scary during the COVID-19 crisis, so be sure to find a spa that works diligently to ensure the safety of our guests from start to finish.

Go Ring Shopping

Though it’s likely your partner already proposed with the ring of your choice, there’s a chance you might not like the ring. Or, you could also be searching for a ring for your partner or wedding bands as the wedding approaches. Instead of spending loads of money on a lavish engagement party, instead, check out Agape Diamond Reviews to explore a different kind of real diamond jewelry.

This jeweler sells Agape diamonds, or lab grown diamonds, that can adorn the ring of your dreams with ethically sourced gems. Agape diamonds are much more affordable than their natural diamond counterparts, and they bring the same clarity or brilliance. The Agape jewelry store allows you to view a variety of lab-grown diamonds with different settings and metal finishes. This way, you can take your sweet time choosing the diamond engagement ring and matching wedding band that speaks to you.

The same principle goes for your partner, because they can now choose a ring that checks off all of their boxes as well. After all, what better way to celebrate your engagement than to choose rings that truly fit one another and your journey together.

Try Out A Staycation

The last idea is to try out a staycation. Make sure you and your spouse can take off work for a bit of time, and stay in one place together doing the things you love most. If you plan on staying at home for this staycation, stock up on some games, movies, activities, and snacks that will fill your time with great memories. You can invite a few close family members over a couple of nights, but it’s worth taking this time to enjoy each other’s company and relish in your happiness together.

Plus, if you want to stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s best to stick to the absolute smallest of gatherings. Get into the kitchen and make your favorite meals, lay down together, and plan out some aspects of your dream wedding as your wedding may not take place for quite some time. If you’re staying in a different state than home, then make sure you safely explore the area you decide to inhabit if it isn’t your usual home.

The most important thing to remember is that if you’re with your person, you’re bound to have a good time together. A staycation is just one other great experience and opportunity to bond with one another during this extremely special time.

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