5 Ways To Help Your Geeky Boyfriend Deal With Stress

In the age of artificial intelligence, scientists and tech experts are the cool guys who make the front news and they have become the subject of our favorite TV shows and movies   (Jobs, The Theory of Everything, Mr. Robot). If you are one of the lucky ladies who has conquered the attention of a genuine geek, you know that they make great partners: you have a solution-oriented, creative and laid-back guy by your side. However, while coping with his own struggle for achievement and investing time in his many hobbies and interests, your man might get exhausted sometimes and forget to enjoy the little things in life. So it’s time to help him reboot and connect again to the (real) world to get rid of the stress.

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1. Break The Routine

Maybe you have planned together the next couple of weekends, and he surely doesn’t want to let you down. But if he seems to be lacking the energy to get through them, offer him the possibility to cancel and propose a no plans day. You’ll be surprised how much stress relief can bring just the mere idea of not having anything to do the next day.

2. Surprise Him

Your guy might not be exactly the type who secretly wishes to find a house full of people when he returns home from work or to be swept off his feet with a spontaneous trip, but you can try to make his heart flutter with that Batman costume he has been longing for some time, a new console game he’s been waiting for months or even tickets to the next Comic Con. A massage session or a day at the spa might be less appreciated gifts, but he will surely be thankful in the end.

3. Encourage Healthy Habits

Even if he drives you crazy when he complains about being unfit and feeling drained, but still indulges in snacks or beers every evening, snapping at him won’t do any good to either of you. Instead, be an example!

Going for a run occasionally and exercising at home might give him an impulse to follow your healthy habits. Moreover, you can propose long walks, hiking, swimming, playing tennis or other sporty pastime activities. Without feeling the disturbing wind of change, he will soon be leading a better lifestyle with no unnecessary fights.

4. Get Involved

If he is overwhelmed with projects and can’t get his mind off problems no matter how much he tries, try to work together on a solution. Maybe a fresh perspective on his issues can help him see the missing piece of the puzzle.

5. Stir His Curiosity

When he’s not really into anything, don’t try to convince him with words. Give his mind something to work on! Organize a treasure hunt at home, get him to a mystery room date or buy a fresh boardgame for your collection and invite some friends over to inaugurate it.

In most romantic films and stories, the man is the one who takes the initiative in a relationship, impressing his love subject and pushing the action forward. However, in real life, you have to be the one who saves the day from time to time.

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