5 Simple And Great Ways To Improve Your Home

1. Intelligent Lighting

Light in the home can have a huge influence on the way you feel, the way you wake up in the morning, the way you relax after work as the evening closes in. A smart lighting installation removes your need to press an individual light switch, it saves the end user money as lights are only used when there is activity in the room and it creates ‘scenes’ dependent on mood, time of day and activity. Certain smart light bulbs even reflect the natural light of the sun and are said to increase productivity and rest, reducing stress and enhancing mood. This type of lighting supports the natural circadian rhythm of your body which regulates your sleep/wake cycle.

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2. Interconnectivity And Sustainability

Harnessing the explosion of recent tech trends gives you the opportunity to save money on your household energy bills and be kinder to the environment. The ‘always-on’ lifestyle of social media natives, means that people like the idea of being able to see and control the family home via a smartphone because they are very naturally connected to everything else in their life. Technology which optimizes the power output of lighting and heating and even locks your home if you forget is a great way to use only what you need, as one size does not need to fit all anymore!

3. Less Is More

There are many surprising advantages to having a tidy home. Studies have found a correlation between stress levels and the tidiness of your home – the participants who had a clean and organized home had a smaller amount of cortisol – a hormone that indicates stress – in their bodies than those who had messy homes. Additionally, those who feel less stressed in general, tend to report eating healthier, being more active and getting more sleep. A tidy home can also increase your productivity levels because, without clutter and dirt distractions, your brain feels more focused and finds it easier to process information, which is particularly useful to know for those who work from home.

4. Green Space

Indoor plants not only help to bring a bit of color and life into your home, but they also have some fantastic health benefits. Most of us would agree that surrounding ourselves with nature can be a calming and grounding experience, and houseplants are no different. They can also significantly improve the air quality in your home, by reducing carbon dioxide and airborne dust levels. NASA has even reported that indoor plants remove up to 87% of the volatile toxins in the air.

5. Improve The Accessibility Of Your Home

Improve the accessibility of your home by installing one of the vast range of residential elevators available. These compact and modern elevators are not only a stylish addition to any home, but also reap additional benefits, such as future-proofing your home. Homeowners can avoid the ordeal of having to downsize to a smaller house if they have to face mobility issues in later life, leaving behind memories and long-lasting, community relationships that have been forged. With a home elevator installed, homeowners can stay in their’ forever homes’, forever.

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