6 Ways Fitness Balances Your Work Life And Personal Health

Balancing your work life and personal life seamlessly, with as little interruptions or sacrifice as possible, is an incredible feat. A feat that’s considerably difficult to manage – and even harder to manage successfully. Juggling the demands of both worlds is a storm that not many people can withstand. We’re almost reaching an epidemic, with the number of parents and partners putting in excessive hours at the office – even going so far as to bring work home.

Robert Brooks, PhD and co-author of “The Power of Resilience: Achieving Balance, Confidence, and Personal Strength in Your Life” concludes that too many citizens, afraid of being laid off at work, over-work themselves to show their value to their boss. He begs us to ask the question: “How am I bringing greater enjoyment into my life?”

One of those ways, a lot of health experts agree, is exercising more often and on a frequent/daily basis. Being a fitter, healthier you is one tool in your arsenal for making your business and personal life more easily manageable. Here are 6 reasons that show why.

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1. Creativity

Creativity is one of the cornerstones of human greatness. Exercise has shown to increase blood flow to our brains, which is essential for getting creative juices flowing. This improved cognitive function, thanks to aerobic exercise, is responsible for tremendous breakthroughs, as well as creative solutions to common problems.

2. Working Out At Work

Sitting down for long periods of time does unspeakable damages to our bodies. This includes lowering our blood circulation, poor posture, obesity, and painful back problems. Walking improves blood pressure, keeping us young – which is necessary for both life and work. As MarcyPro reveals, taking the stairs or investing in gym equipment will also improve blood pressure. :)

3. Calmness

Physical activity reduces stress hormones and increases the production of Endorphin production gives you a healthy, natural “high” which gives you a calmer mind. Physical activity has been shown to increase endorphins. In fact, many successful entrepreneurs and CEOs workout early morning to receive those benefits.

4. Energy

Quite simply, when you have more energy to tackle tasks, you will have more resolve to see those tasks through to completion. This means conquering daily chores at home, on top of having the energy required to stay determined at work.  Exercise gives you more energy.

5. Reduce Stress And Fatigue

It’s known the world over that regular and consistent exercise gives us the strength to combat stress. Effectively reducing anxiety, and building up our resistance to fatigue. These three benefits alone are a tremendous asset at the workplace and are needed to survive in many aspects of our personal lives.

6. Confidence

There are too many negative side effects of being overweight or out of shape. Out of those, one of the most damaging effects is self-doubt, dependence on foods (usually junk food) to feel happy, and constantly feeling inferior. This takes its tolls on relationships, a problem that regularly exercising can fix.


As you see, it’s worth your time in participating in a team sport at work – or creating a fitness group. I have personally met a few business investors and fostered profitable relationships with clients through exercising activities at work; by jumping on opportunities that would have never existed previously. Likewise, this world of fitness improves your quality of life, offering a more positive outlook on many things, including the importance of your family and loved ones. Quite simply, fitness affords us chances to know each other better.

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