7 Things You Should Know About Mobile Storage

Mobile storage is an incredibly convenient way to transport or store your belongings. Whether you are moving homes, offices, or simply need to store some of your belongings, a portable storage container makes it a simple and hassle-free process. Unlike traditional moving services where you prepare everything in boxes, order a delivery service, load the van or truck, and then meet them at the new location, mobile storage drops the container at your place so you can load the unit at your own convenience. If you are storing items, you just load the unit and arrange a time and date for collection.

This new idea is catching on very quickly and spreading around the world at a rapid pace. Due to it being a new concept, people are still not fully aware of the perks, benefits, and process of mobile storage. See 7 things you should know about mobile storage.

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1. It’s Perfect For City Living

City living generally means smaller apartments and less space. Having access to a convenient mobile storage solution can allow you to easily and securely store excess items without having to go back and forth to a storage center. For instance, if you live in Melbourne your nearest storage facility could be half an hour’s drive away. By using a mobile storage Melbourne solution, you can just pack up items and have them collected saving time and money.

2. Units Are Available In A Range Of Sizes

There is a wide range of sizes available for mobile storage units. When selecting a unit, make sure you consider the dimensions of the container. Many containers aren’t standardized and you will need to make sure you find one which suits your specific needs.

3. Consider Where You Want Your Unit

Before the container arrives at your property consider where you want to put it while you are loading it. If you leave a container on your lawn for too long it may damage the grass. It is best to place it on concrete in your driveway if possible. Depending on the length of time you plan to take for loading, you may also want to keep it sheltered from the rain.

4. Make Sure You Pack Your Items Securely

Your unit will be moved around during transportation and storage so it is essential to pack your items securely. Protect any fragile items and ensure that nothing has space to move around a lot during transit.

5. Don’t Hold On To Your Unit For Too Long

Just because there is a convenience in packing your unit at home, it doesn’t mean you should hold on to it for a lengthy period of time. Plan your use of the unit and have it delivered as close to the day where you can pack it. Similarly, make sure you arrange collection as soon as it is ready.

6. Check If Your Unit Is Climate-Controlled

Some companies offer climate-controlled conditions for the storage of the unit. It is always worth checking this, particularly if you have stored items which are susceptible to hot or cold temperatures. For instance, if a Melbourne container is stored outside it could get very hot in the summer and very cold in the winter, affecting the items inside.

7. You Can Add A Packing Service

While the main idea of mobile storage is convenient self-packing, many companies also offer a packing service for an extra fee. This can be helpful if you live alone and have large items to move into the container.

Mobile storage is the future of self-storage and transportation. Using this service saves time, money, hassle, and space. While the concept is still in its infancy, it is spreading quickly and by following this guide you can ensure you will have the best mobile storage experience.

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