7 Important Reasons Why You Should Go For A Desert Trip In 2020

Looking for your next travel destination? Chances are that a desert trip is all you need! For most of our travelers, desert trips hold the best memories for them. They get to meet open-minded people and have a taste of delicious and fresh food away from the restaurants. And as if that is not enough, sleeping under the stars is just breathtaking.

While you can go for paddleboarding, cage diving, or take sailing lessons, we are thinking of something a little more unique for you. In case you need more information, here are the reasons why you should not miss any Top Desert trip in 2020.

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1. See Life From A Different Perspective

For the local Berber people in Sahara, the family is everything. In a village, almost everyone is related to the other either through blood or marriage. Berbers hold on to their culture with love and pride despite the arrival of televisions and the internet.

To add on that, their generosity and humility to tourists are one of a kind.  If you are welcomed to a Berber home, just feel at home.

2. Connect With Nature

What comes into your mind when you think of a desert trip? What should you put ready before heading for a desert trip? There are some important items that you should have before going into the desert. While in the desert, you can enjoy endless camel rides and have an epic view of the desert features.

The camels are calm animals, they teach you to be friendly and respectful. The dunes which appear to be waves of sand are fascinating. You can watch them all day. The feeling of touching the dusty sand with bare feet and letting the desert wind blow your hair is unimaginable.

Deserts have breathtakingly beautiful views.

3. Sleeping In The Middle Of Nowhere Under The Stars

Away from the classy hotels and restaurants now. Picture yourself sleeping in the middle of nowhere, with only a tent.  Your neighbor is the desert with mice, ants, and small beetles. You probably may not have appreciated the beauty of the sky as much as you should.

Or maybe you never had the golden chance to count the stars at night with the love of your life! Laugh, play music and have unedited views of the night sky, some fresh air, and a little covering cloud only in the desert. This is only once in a lifetime experience.

4. A Return To The Ancient Way Of Life

The only light provided at night is from candles, and since water is not in plenty, every drop here is precious. Not forgetting the extreme cold nights just like the days are hot. After spending a few days in the desert you return stronger and more independent than ever before.

One of the most popular cities in Morocco is  Fez, known for its leather tanneries. This is the manual process for producing leather before the advancement in technology. Top Desert is well-known for its excellent services regarding Morocco Luxury Travel & Morocco Desert Tours.

5. Adventures

If you want to create lifetime memories, a desert trip is a must-try. It’s a complete pack of exploration and adventure. On this trip, you will not only see the desert but experience it!

Incredible activities like moonlight, Berber drum circles, and fossil hunting awaits you.  And if you are scared of scarabaeus and the huge beetles you might never sleep, as they will creep on you when you are asleep. They are completely innocent though.

6. A 4×4 Jeep Ride In The Middle Of Nowhere

You will love the adrenaline-pumping experience of 4×4 vehicles across the dunes. The full speed and feel of the dry wind feel your hair can’t be compared to any other ride.

7. Relax

No endless phone calls, no Facebook, just you and the people around you! You can meditate about your life as you walk through the golden dunes and climb the high dunes. Let the desert wind blow your hair and your mind empty. And it doesn’t stop there; you can watch the charming sunset, take photos and have dinner under the stars!

So if you love adventures, brave and ready to take this trip, what are you waiting for? Join Top Desert for the next Morocco and the Sahara Desert trips. Enjoy sand boarding, camel trekking among other fascinating offers.

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