7 Solutions To Live Comfortably In A Small Apartment

Living in a small apartment can be tricky. First, one cannot fit everything they need in their apartment. Secondly, making custom changes to improve interior décor is also a big challenge. Worse still, it can be risky for one to live in a full house, especially if they have a young family.

However, that does not call for investment in a bigger home, nor does it mean giving up our belongings to create space. Instead, it will only take creativity to make the small apartment livable. If you are struggling with making your area more accommodating, here are seven space-saving solutions that you might find helpful.

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Be Selective On What You Let In The House

One of the effective ways of managing your small space is by being choosy on the items you allow into the home. For instance, you should avoid stocking your living area with huge sofas and giant tables, as you may end up consuming space for keeping other essential items. Instead, you can invest in smaller but versatile seats and tables. Go for the compact and flexible seats that you can fold and keep away when not in use. Invest in that adjustable dining table to add up seating when you have visitors and save space.

Enhance Your Home Comfort

Your small space can get extremely hot, especially during summer. The extreme heat can adversely affect your productivity, primarily if you work from home. Your house can also accumulate dust from outside, especially if it’s congested and has poor ventilation. Breathing contaminated air can be detrimental to your health. For your safety, you may invest in an air conditioner to purify the air and help in cooling the smallest areas of your house. Installation of the right air conditioning equipment will convert your home into a conservatory.

Lighten Up Your House

Small houses may quickly become dark due to limited space and congestion. With the darkness, it is difficult to clean the home effectively and may end up looking messy. It may also pose health risks to your family as the poorly cleaned spaces incubate bacteria and pathogens. It is thus essential to use sufficient lighting to lighten up the house. You can also add more light if you paint the interiors with bright colors. Proper lighting and color additions to the home décor will make it easy to attend all corners of the house and avoid the potential risks.

Have A Strategized Arrangement Of Items

Use the A, B, and C list strategy for arranging your items. The items in A list are the items that you use now and then. They should be easily accessible. Keep them in drawers, cabinets, and other visible areas. The B includes items that are moderately used. They are used weekly. Store them in less accessible areas. Finally, the C list consists of things that have seasonal use. Keep them in labeled containers and swap them out or apply them as required.

Utilize The Vertical Spaces

You are struggling with space requirements, probably because you are not aware of how valuable your vertical space can be. You can build cupboards, shelves, and cabinets to store different items along your vertical wall to the ceiling. Pin hooks and holders on the walls for hanging your clothes and other things. If you have several children, use a double-decker instead of multiple beds. The back of the doors can also provide additional space. The use of vertical space will help you eliminate the need for items such as toolboxes, storage bags, and more space.

Let Go Of Items That You No Longer Use

Surrounding yourself with items that you usually use is an effective way of creating space in the house. Thus, if you have things like clothes, utensils, furniture, and other equipment you no longer use, you can sell or donate them to your family member or friend. Getting rid of less useful items will help to create space for the important ones.

Utilize Of Unexpected Areas For Storage

When cleaning your home, you can take advantage of obscure spaces in the house, such as under the bed, the top of your fridge, window spaces, side of your cabinets, bathrooms, and so on to keep items with less weight. You can also use folding baskets, acrylic containers and baskets to hide small items in the house. The strategy will make the house look more organized.

As you can see, you don’t have to buy or expand your small house. There are different ways you can make more out of the small space. You can arrange your items strategically, make use of the vertical space, or use any other strategy explained above. You can also come up with your custom strategies to build more room.

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