8 Tips On Choosing The Ideal Furniture For Your Pet Cat

Cats like furniture when it’s comfortable and serves their needs. In that respect, they are very much like humans. When choosing furniture for your pet kitty, your cat’s age, it’s health condition, temperament and preference should be considered. Use these 8 tips to choose the ideal furniture for your pet cat.

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  1. Select a cat tree that is best suited for your cat’s age. If your feline is a senior, choose a tree that isn’t tall. You should also make sure the one you select is short if your cat has arthritis and can no longer jump the way it did when it was in better shape, and you should purchase a smaller tree if your pet is a kitten. Cats love cat trees because they can climb them, sleep on them, play with toys attached to them, and hide inside them.

    Some come with a scratching post, so purchase this type of tree if you want your feline to stop sharpening its claws on your furniture. Cat parents like these trees because they keep their furry babies entertained and happy, and they come in a variety of styles that make any room you put them in look stylish.

  2. When looking at beds for cats, make sure you choose a cat bed your kitty will be able to fit in comfortably. Notice if your pet likes to sleep stretched out or curled up to determine what type of bed to buy. If your kitty likes to feel cradled, select a bed that loosely hugs your cat’s body. Cats that prefer to sleep stretched out will be happier lying on a sleeping pad. Keep in mind cats love all things soft and fluffy, and they like to feel warm.

    Plush cat beds that are shaped like donuts are perfect for calming nervous felines. A bed shaped like a cave is perfect for kitties that enjoy the warmth and privacy it offers.

  3. Avoid giving your cat an elevated bed if your pet has trouble climbing. If the bed has legs, it’s not at all ideal for cats with mobility problems. A bed that sits flat on the floor and is made with orthopedic foam is the perfect choice.
  4. Consider giving your elderly cat a self-heating mattress to sleep on when the temperature drops. A self-heating mattress keeps your pet warm by reflecting its body heat. Electricity isn’t needed, so there’s no need to worry about your cat being harmed.
  5. Don’t invest in a kitty litter box that’s made to look like a piece of furniture before making sure your pet will use it. Some cats feel trapped inside a covered box. If you see a stylish litter box enclosure you really want, first buy your cat an enclosed box that’s made of plastic to see if your cat will do its business inside it. Plastic-covered litter boxes are much less expensive, so you won’t be wasting too much of your money if it doesn’t work out. If you think your kitty likes it, then go ahead and purchase a stylish litter box that looks like an end table.
  6. Purchase a litter box your cat can easily step into if your cat is a senior kitty. Make sure the entry point is no more than three inches high.
  7. Give your kitten a shallow litter box that’s easy to access. Kittens that are still wobbly on their feet may not be able to climb into a box with a tall open end.
  8. Put up shelves your kitty can walk on. Your cat will love jumping from one shelf to another, and it will enjoy having access to its own space. Give your cat the pleasure of feeling like it’s sleeping outside in a tree by purchasing a cat perch that has artificial leaves attached to it.

If you use the tips listed above, you’ll be able to choose the best type of furniture for your pet cat. Your kitty will be happier if the furnishings in your home suit its needs, and it may behave better. You’ll smile knowing that your money was well spent. Purchasing the best type of furniture for your pet is a wise move.

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