9 Ways To Reduce Stress When Moving Out Of Your Apartment

Congratulations are in order! You’ve finally decided to take up on that job offer in a different city, or you’ve just closed an outstanding deal and have to move into a new apartment. Whatever your reasons are for moving, it’s expected that you have mixed feelings coupled with a lot of anxiety and excitement.

Unfortunately, that’s what moving does to you. Nothing compares to the feeling you get when all of a sudden you have to leave the life you’ve been accustomed to for years, the friendships you’ve given your all, and that house filled with lifelong memories.

But then again, you have to think of starting your life fresh in a different city and the fulfillment of exploring new opportunities. Moving can be stressful, especially when on a tight timeline, and you have so much going on that makes you feel exhausted before the moving day.

But this doesn’t need to be the case with you. There are various ways of achieving a stress-free move, and you’ll discover them if you stick around for a while and read through this item. Let’s take a look at nine ways to reduce stress when moving.

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It Starts With A Plan

Before you even start with the packing, you need to have a solid strategy. First things first, you need a budget to ensure that everything is sorted out. Sticking to a budget for your move is key to ensuring that debts don’t disrupt your life in the new home.

In addition to this, you will want to research the best moving team to employ. Let’s not forget all the packing and unpacking involved before and after the move, cleaning your new apartment and so forth. These are all tasks that if not well thought about, could increase to your stress.

Find A Mover

If you thought that you could handle the move all by yourself, you might have to reconsider. Moving is stressful… it can get crazy! This is why hiring a professional moving company is highly recommended.

In the long run, it will save you a lot of money hiring a mover than going it alone. When planning to move, there’s only so much you can achieve alone, but when you hire a moving company, it gets much easier. Here’s why:

  • You are sure that your belongings are safe
  • Moving companies are well equipped to handle any type of luggage
  • It involves fewer risks
  • It’s more organized
  • It’s convenient

While some movers will go ahead and include other services in their plans, this is not always the case. For instance, you’ll want to leave your house clean as you move out to avoid giving your former landlord the opportunity to hold on to your rent security deposit. You may also want to have your new apartment cleaned before you move to avoid the last-minute rush.

In this case, Michael from Royal Cleaning says that before moving, finding the right cleaners for your needs is just as important as hiring a moving company. Professional cleaners will help clean your old apartment as well as the new one to spare you the frustration and ensure a smooth transition.

Other than this, it’s important to ensure you’re hiring a licensed, well-equipped, reputed, insured, moving company with experience in the industry. You don’t want to trust your fragile belongings or valuable possessions to ill-experienced and unprofessional newbies who could potentially be scam artists.

Pack In Good Time

Some moving companies also have packing services, which, of course, comes at an extra cost to your moving budget. To avoid the additional costs, you have the option of packing your belongings at your convenience. But if you have no time for it, it will still pay off to consider hiring packers for packing and unpacking because you’ll have more time to attend to other matters and in addition to this, less stress for you.

While packing, you could put on some soothing music, light some candles, and do whatever you need to make it easier and fun. For those with families, it’s important to have everyone involved. It’s more fun that way!

Delegate Responsibilities

As you can imagine, you will only achieve so much alone than with a team of trusted friends and family members. The best way to reduce stress is to outsource labor and delegate responsibilities. While you have a team of friends packing, some may help to call your kid’s school, your boss, or your landlord informing them of your move. If you happen to be moving from Dallas, consider hiring a Dallas move out cleaning service that will conveniently take care of preparing your house for a move. It makes the entire process easier, faster, and less stressful.

Create A Moving Checklist

Creating a moving checklist is an essential step in any move. This is because it helps you prioritize tasks, leaving you with ample time to take care of yourself. Having a reminder that you have deadlines to meet will prevent you from lingering in limbo. In doing so, your stress levels will be managed, and you’ll achieve a lot compared to when you’re not organized.

Protect Your Most Valuable Possessions

This point can only reiterate the importance of hiring a moving company. But then again, you have items that you will never allow anyone to handle no matter how they come highly recommended. The last thing you need is that constant reminder at the back of your head that someone is tampering with your wedding dress or that someone is mishandling your well-guarded heirloom. Before packing, ensure that you have a safe location where it will be easy to find your valuable items and documents.

Pamper Yourself

Moving can be taxing! After lifting a few heavy boxes, you’ll likely end up with sore muscles. It’s crucial to take care of your body. If it means going for a professional body massage, do it. Alternatively, you can opt for a handheld electric massager that you can use at your convenience. Relaxing in a spa after the move could also help your body rejuvenate, and your mind relaxed.

Eat Well

It’s imperative while you’re running up and down to ensure that you’re eating a balanced diet and drinking plenty of water. Various foods have been found to be effective when dealing with a stressful situation.

Instead of reaching for candy or a glass of wine, why not try avocado, banana, green tea, carrots, or yogurt. These foods contain natural soothing properties that will help reduce your stress levels through diet before and after moving.

Block Off Your Calendar

The only dates you’re allowed to see on your calendar are the moving days. You don’t want the continuous reminder that your scheduled for a work meeting knowing all too well that you have a green light from your boss to take a few days off work to pack! If not, request for a few days off work and clear anything else from your calendar as it will do you no good other than add to your stress.

Finally, be optimistic that everything will go as planned and that the move is the best decision you’ve ever made. But you still need the above tips to help you remain calm and relaxed, focused, and upbeat in ensuring that your move is as stress-free as it can get! Otherwise, have an awesome move!

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