A Chocolate Lover’s Dream Come True

I’ve always wanted to visit China, but now I have a really good reason to go. Today, The World Chocolate Wonderland theme park opened in Beijing. Willy Wonka, here I come!

This theme park, which looks more like a museum, is filled with things completely made from chocolate. Apparently the reason for creating this dream come true is to raise chocolate awareness in China. According to http://www.csmonitor.com, “The Chinese eat only a few ounces each of the stuff each year, compared to the 10 pounds or so that the average American gets through. Chinese people don’t dislike chocolate, they just don’t know much about it. We hope to change that.”

The organizers of this park said they now know you can create almost anything from chocolate, if you have enough of it. The 215,000 square foot theme park uses about 80,000 kilograms of chocolate, all imported from Belgium. Inside the exhibits, there are all kinds of wild and crazy chocolate creations including the Great Wall of China, China’s terracotta army, Louis Vuitton handbags, pottery and vases, traditional Chinese robes, packs of playing cards, a $100 bill, basketball players, etc…

If you want to see the fashion show at this theme park, consisting of models wearing sexy chocolate clothes walking the catwalk, you can go here. If you decide to visit this creative masterpiece, you’ll have to pay $12 admission and you’ll have to pay even more to munch on the exhibits. To me, that is a small price to pay to visit such a magical place as a chocolate wonderland! This is just so sweet (literally)!

Everything you see below is made of chocolate: