A Delicious Treat: 40 Proof Chocolate Milk

It’s a mixture of vodka and chocolate milk… in Atlanta, we call this “Mommy Juice.” This is such a cute story of how Facebook combined with friendship launched a successful business that has been featured in the news in cities all over the States.

Almost everyone loves chocolate milk, right? To this day, I don’t like milk, but I can drink the heck out of some chocolate milk. This story all started when Tracy Reinhardt, who happens to be a single mom, updated her Facebook page to say that she was “enjoying some Adult Chocolate Milk.”

Her Facebook friend, Nikki Halbur, stopped by to have a taste of the mom’s mixture (which was spiked with a little vodka), and the rest is history! Tracy and Nikki are now co-founders of Adult Chocolate Milk. This is the best part of the story… Tracy and Nikki hadn’t seen each other for 18 years. That one Facebook message not only spawned a business, but also reunited old friends! Soon, Tracy and Nikki will be adding some new products to the line including Adult Orange Cream, Adult Fruit Punch and Adult Limeade. Nom Nom! I’m so proud of you ladies! Congratulations!

Via: [Nuclear Toast], Header Image Credit: [Cindy Lee / Shutterstock]