A Guide To Healthy Sleep!

Do you often feel fatigued and like you are lacking in energy? Some people can get away with sleeping for as little as only 4 hours, and others really need to sleep for 8 hours to feel rested and relaxed. It really varies depending on the age, sex and occupation of the person, but one must have ample sleep to stay alert and to be productive.

However, there are unavoidable circumstances and environments that might affect our sound sleep. This is bad since our body needs sleep to gain energy for the day. Without sleep, you can’t concentrate, your body gets weaker every moment and over time, your body can even deteriorate. Changing shifts from day to night and having too many things to think about makes us stay awake even when we are supposed to be sleeping. Then we wake up the next day with little rest and a lot of confusion about what to do since our body is not ready for the day.

Before you go to sleep, you need to prepare yourself for it. If you are not sleepy yet, but it’s already the time to do so, just go with your usual routine. Brush your teeth, change into fresh and comfortable clothes and do all the things that you would normally do before you sleep. There is no need to whine about not having the state that you would like. If you have prepared your bed for sleep and you have done your routine, your body will just go to rest because of its accustomed actions.

Another important thing that we take for granted is our bedding (bed sheets, bed linens). The bedding we use should not only be environmentally friendly, but should also be good for us. Let me elaborate. There are certain types of dyes and pigments that are commonly used to color textiles and plastics and some of these are toxic. Make sure you buy ones that have the seal of approval or that meet the standards set by Technological Institutes in Europe.

Main Image Source – Sleeping Beauty