A Heavenly McDonald’s French Fry Skull

Of all the fast food restaurants you can think of, wouldn’t you agree that McDonald’s has the best french fries? McDonald’s french fries are the only ones I like to eat. To me, all other fries taste substandard compared to theirs.

As you may know, every year Brand Keys does a list of the top brands in many different categories. According to their Brand Keys’ Customer Loyalty Engagement Index for 2010 (which is based on what American consumers like best), McDonald’s was rated number one for fast food french fries. Arby’s came in second place, followed by Hardee’s in third place.

As far as I’m concerned, McDonald’s fries are the perfect specimen of french fries and all other restaurants, even the fancy ones, should be chomping at the bit to learn their secret. Obviously I’m not the only one who is inspired by this greasy goodness. Some random dude on the Internet made this deliciously creative looking “skull of french fries” with McDonald’s fries. The only thing that’s keeping me from wanting to chow down on this heavenly masterpiece is the fact that I’m sure by the time he was done making this, they were cold. If you want to learn how to clone your own McDonald’s french fries (let me warn you, it’s not an easy task) you can check out this article on Wonder How To.

Via: [Wonder How To]