A Portable Photo Studio For Photographers On The Go!

Photography is fun, but requires hard work, patience and yes, a lot of money. However, it can be a very lucrative business to enter into if you are talented and have an eye for beauty, sensitivity to the subject, and if you can make a connection to the audience. I have a lot of photographer friends, and they tell me that aside from the equipment, a photographer also needs a good studio to do photo shoots (unless the project requires natural lighting or an outdoor environment). Finding a studio on a budget nowadays can be a challenge for beginners. The cost and availability are both a consideration when a photographer is planning a photo shoot.

I found a cool device called the Inflatable Photo Studio (I.P.S.) over at Toxel. I think being able to set up a portable studio in minutes is a wonderful idea. Imagine having a studio set up in under five minutes. Plus, it allows you to take it anywhere. It is a great tool to have for photographers, especially when unforeseen events happen, like when you get rained out and you have a deadline. This can be a great solution for those moments. Delays cost money, and having a quick and handy solution will definitely give you an edge over other photographers. You’ll also gain approval from your client. Check out the video, and see for yourself how fast and easy it is to set up.