A Tribute To Our Bit Rebels Readers

Here we are, in the month of January, and once again we are solidifying our goals for the next twelve months. Bit Rebels launched in the summer of 2009, and as we reflect over the past year and a half, and really examine the statistics, suddenly something is glaringly obvious that we need to address. And, that something is YOU!

We really wanted to write this article to send you our heartfelt thanks for visiting our blog and for reading all our humble babblings about topics we find interesting, geeky and fun.

Our only goal at Bit Rebels is to provide you, our dear readers, with the best content we can muster. We are so grateful that you not only visit us once, but that you keep coming back to check out our stuff. If there is ever anything we can do to make your visit here more enjoyable, please let us know. We are still learning (I personally have never blogged before I came here), so we appreciate and read all of the feedback for our readers.

I wanted to include a few stats here so you could see our growth. We set up our Bit Rebels fan page on Facebook in August of 2010. In just four months we went from zero to over 2,500 likes (as of today, it’s over 2,700!). Wow, THANK YOU for that!

This next graph tracks our visitors. These are unique visitors, not pageviews. The pageviews are about 25% more than this. This shows the unique visitors from June 9th 2009 – January 3rd 2010 (green) as compared to June 9th 2010 – January 3rd 2011 (blue). Wow, what a difference. Again, it’s all thanks to YOU!!

We will be adding a lot of new features to the site this year, all with the intention of getting you even more involved and taking the level of fun up a notch!