Adidas Goes Geek – 2010 Star Wars Edition Sneakers!

So what true Geek doesn’t love Star Wars? That’s Right. They ALL love Star Wars. Even the people who aren’t Geeks love Star Wars (some won’t admit this, but whatev).

Anyway, as you know I am big into sneakers, and something you may not have known about me is that I used to be a fitness FREAK pre-wife and kids.

I spent a large amount of my late high school/college life working out, running, etc. My Favorite shoes for that? OBVIOUSLY Adidas (I was a big Nike fan as well, but there is just something about adidas that floated my boat).

So now you can see why my inner fitness nerd is so happy about these new Star Wars Edition Sneakers from Adidas!! You are about to be pretty psyched about these bad boys as well!!

Woah! Star Wars Shoes!

You can stop drooling now. Well, maybe just another minute.

These are probably the coolest ‘Themed’ or ‘Branded’ shoes I have ever seen that are done actually pretty well! The coolest thing about these to me is how it really looks like Adidas and Lucas Films actually collaborated on the shoes to make them really LOOK like they were inspired by the images that are behind the shoes.

If you look closely you will notice that the Yoda inspired shoes are cloth-like as well as rough and bumpy sort of like Yoda’s Skin. Also, the AT-AT & Storm Trooper shoes look spot on.

What is your favorite?

Woah, Star Wars Shirts too?

Now those are pretty awesome – Can you imagine getting your workout on in those bad boys!? If all of that doesn’t get your inner nerd excited to no end – then maybe you should check out the videos below, These things even have Snoop D-oh-double-gee promoting them!!

If Snoop Dogg says its off the hizzie, then its the shizzle right?

This is a really awesome video of Snoop Dogg & at the launch of the adidas line, Looks like it was a cool place to be! Star wars fan or Not!

Adidas Originals Star Wars Commercial?

Another really cool video on these shoes is what looks like an actual Commercial advertising the line – Really cool, check it out!

So at this point you are just ready for me to tell you where to get these things!! So lets get right to the point.

Where can you buy these!?

Well It looks like you can buy them at Adidas Original stores which are Brick and Mortar stores located in most Large Cities, Or you can try to catch these things online! I have found that you can buy some of these here. Although it looks like some aren’t available online, or haven’t been released yet, so definitely keep a check at the adidas online shop for these things.

If you need more info on these things, or the launching event, check out adidas’s site!

I hope that I have excited some Star wars fans out there – or Even geeked out some Adidas fans!

Whoever you are, I hope you enjoyed the post :)

Leave your thoughts below! Thanks so much for reading!