The American Teenager’s Lifestyle

The American Teenager’s lifestyle is quite an interesting one because they are only interested in what adults do. However, this may not be so easy since they are not of legal age; so you may think. You should know that fake IDs are giving American teenagers the privilege to do all the fun things meant for adults. While most parents don’t know it, fake IDs are easy to get now, and some of the common things that the American teenagers use to do with fake IDS include.

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Going To The Liquor Store

Alcohol is one of the main drugs that are widely used by teenagers in America. In the past, kids used to send adults to buy them booze, but today, they are doing it without anybody’s help. That is because fake IDs gives them the power to do so. There are also some high school children with fake IDs who have opened the business of supplying booze because they can walk in a liquor store and walk out with a bottle without any problems.

Renting Cars

Cars have been ladies weakness for a long time. Since every high school kid knows this, renting a car should be a good way to woo a high school girl. According to the laws of the United States, to be able to rent a car, you must be of legal age plus you need to provide a legal ID. Teenagers are the United States; on the other hand, are driving rental cars all over the city with fake IDs.


Nothing is as bad as having to miss out on something fun because you are not of legal age. Because teenagers like having fun, things like events and parties attract them. However, accessing some of these parties is not easy without an identification card. With a fake ID, attending such events is a piece of cake. However, it is good to know that some of the security guards in such events are good at detecting fake IDs.

License To Participate

There are so many things that children are not allowed to participate in due to their age. Gambling, for example, is something meant for adults who have a source of income to find gambling money. That is why casinos are a no go zone for children. However, some American teenagers have been making good money in casinos with fake IDs. Taking part in things like lottery also needs one to be of legal age but thanks to phony identification cards, American teenagers are having a time of their lives.

Order Stuff Online

Online shopping is an excellent way to make sure that only adults are buying items especially if payment is made using a smart card. However, the problem comes when an underage wants to buy something meant for adults online. Thanks to fake IDs and POD devices, American teenagers have been buying all sorts of things online.

To Receive Shipments

One thing that most parents fail to recognize is that teenagers are cunning and can have a private life. There are teenagers in the United States who are involved in different businesses without their parents knowing. While some are good and others wrong, there might be a need for regular shipment of commodities. At the pickup point, an identification card is the only way to prove that you are the owner of the cargo. With a fake ID, a teenager can be collecting his merchandise from the pickup point for years.

To Avoid Dealing With People

One of the main reasons why American teenagers would rather buy fake ID instead of sending someone to buy liquor on their behalf is because it attracts a lot of attention. Additionally, teenagers don’t like being corrected and some adults that are approached by teenagers who want booze made a move to talk them out of drinking. With a fake ID, teenagers have realized that they can get whatever they want without someone else trying to convince them otherwise.

It’s A Good Feeling

Being a teenager with an ID must be the best feeling in the world. Not only are you a child but you are also an adult. For that, you will get a lot of respect, and if you are a ladies person, then ladies will be all over you. That is because having a fake ID gives a teenager access to many things and other students may find you use when they need favors. Lack of IDs limits teenagers from exploring all their wild dreams but thanks to fake IDs, parents need to start worrying about other things like raising better kids.

Getting Inked

American teenagers are obsessed with getting tattoos, but the only problem is that tattoos and piercings are illegal for underage children. However, you can still see teenagers with tattoos and piercing all over the place, and you wonder how. While getting piercings can be done even at home, getting a tattoo, on the other hand, requires a professional who clearly understands that teenagers don’t get inked. The problem is, these teenagers have ID cards that are quite deceitful to the eyes.


According to research, the number of fake ID use among teenagers is on the rise at an alarming rate. That is because society has taught the young ones to go for what they want. With fake IDs, a child is exposed to many opportunities and risks equally. He or she may use the phony ID to access a night club and be lucky to meet someone with an excellent opportunity. Or, he or she uses the fake ID to access a night club only for a fight to break out.

Fake IDs can be illegal, but to some teenagers, it’s a way of living a happy life. As for parents, it is imperative to study your young one and ensure that they are not having any problems that may require them to get fake IDs. Remember that with a fake ID, your child can access enough places to ruin their lives.

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