And You Thought Texting While Driving Was Dangerous…

This is nuts! We’ve all had it drilled into our brains over the past year about how dangerous it is to text and drive. It remains a serious problem, especially for those drivers between the ages of 18 and 24. Here in Georgia, there was recently a law passed which bans the use of cell phone texting while driving. The police will pull you over in a second here if they even think you are sending a text.

According to Edgar Snyder, a law firm in Pittsburgh, “For every 6 seconds of drive time, a driver sending or receiving a text message spends 4.6 of those seconds with their eyes off the road. This makes texting the most distracting of all cell phone related tasks.” I’ve had some friends who’ve gotten into car accidents (nothing serious, thank gosh) as a result of texting while driving. I’ve learned through their mistakes about how dangerous it can be. About 1.6 million car crashes are caused each year in the United States by cell phone talking/texting.

Ok, so I think we get it about texting. However, what about reading a book, using an e-reader and talking on the phone, all at the same time while driving? Hmm… ya think that is dangerous? When I first saw this 47-second video, I thought it was a joke, but it isn’t. I mean, what’s that guy going to do next? Pull out some bread and peanut butter and make a sandwich? It’s so ridiculous; it’s almost funny. I cannot believe this person was driving. I mean, really? Wtf?