Deadly Combination Of Smartphones & Driving [Infographic]

Do you get distracted by your phone when you are driving? It’s been in the media a lot over the past year, and apparently, a lot of people do. It’s not just smartphones that distract us from driving. Whether it’s a cup of coffee, a burger, or even an excited dog in the passenger seat, it’s easy to get distracted. I’ve even seen some women put on their mascara while driving down the highway in Atlanta.

In this article I wrote entitled And You Thought Texting While Driving Was Dangerous, there is a 45-second video that shows a guy driving while reading a book, checking out his iPad and talking on his cell phone, all while driving.

I tweet sometimes while I’m in my car, but I pull off the road and park to do it. I’m a bad enough driver as it is, and I know that. I do use a mapping app on my iPhone to help me with directions. That doesn’t count, right? I was really surprised when I read the stats on this infographic by Christensen Law Firm. According to this, in the States, 18% of all fatal accidents are caused by cell phone use. If you click on the enlarged image link below and look at the keypad on the phone in this infographic, you’ll see that each number represents a statistic. From a design perspective, I really like that.

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Smartphone Texting Driving Distrations

Via: [Cool Infographics] Header Image Credit: [Poulsons Photography / Shutterstock]