Avoid Those Awkward Moments: Dinner Conversation Starters

I’m always fascinated when I hear about families who still have dinner at a dinner table each night. That seems so foreign to me since I haven’t done that in years. As a matter of fact, a few weeks ago I was reading some information about what people look for most in a house. It said that in most new homes, the dining room is being replaced with a home office because that is what people request most these days.

There are a few holidays throughout the year that might be considered an exception. I know a lot of families still gather around a dinner table for special occasions, and usually it isn’t just the immediate family who gets together, but also distant relatives who visit for the event.

You always hear stories about those awkward moments at the dinner table when family members don’t know how to start a conversation with each other. Nobody in my family is into social media, none of them have a blog, and none of them are Internet freaks like me, so I have experienced this many times. If I strike up a conversation about what my day is like online, they would all look at me like I’m from Mars.

Thank goodness Skip To My Lou has come to our rescue with a few sets of downloadable PDFs that will help us out. You can choose from the Family Dinner Questions or the Dinner Conversation Starters. Or, if you are in desperate need to start a conversation with Aunt Sally right now, maybe you need to discreetly put your iPhone under the dinner table and download both immediately. Good luck!

How Make Family Dinners Fun

How Make Family Dinners Fun

Image Credit: [Tiago Hoisel Illustrations]