Benefits Of Being Married To A Pilot

We all like to be proud of our spouse. Back in high school, we might have dated for bragging rights (let’s be honest)–picking a boyfriend or girlfriend based on their looks or popularity, more than on who they were. Now, you’ve found your one true love, but the bragging rights don’t have to cease. You can be immensely proud of your spouse and what they do, and if your spouse works as a pilot, your bragging-job is pretty easy. Without further ado, here are the top three benefits of being married to a pilot. (Don’t brag too much. We know you have it great.)

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Their Time Off

One of the most interesting things about a pilot’s profession is their work schedule. On for two to three weeks out of the month, but off for the remaining two, your spouse is either away or totally yours. You might have hated the idea of their absence when you first got married, but now, you love the days you get all to yourself, and you love having them there when they’re home. They have plenty of freetime to hang out, cook dinner, and focus on life with you, instead of being consistently fried by an 8 to 5 job. Some people wouldn’t like the unusual work routine, but for you, it’s opportunity in every way. That time all to yourself is wonderful, and a spouse who’s eager to see you is the best gift in the world.

Cheaper Tickets

Seeing the world is on most people’s bucket list. For you, checking off those destinations is even easier. Your pilot spouse gets you discounted tickets, so together, you can travel to India, London, and Egypt for less. If you both worked regular jobs, you probably wouldn’t be able to afford every trip you wanted to take. You wouldn’t have the mutual vacation days to do it, either. But with their open schedule and discounted tickets, your combined income is enough to do a lot more traveling. Together, you can sightsee and fly anywhere in the world. From wandering Southern China to visiting Peru, you can be a world traveler for less, and you love that the guy or girl you married helps you see the world.

Getting To Tell People About Your Pilot

You love it when people ask what you do–because you love to share your career and passions. You also, however, love to tell people what your spouse does. He or she has a pretty good job, and you enjoy the look of surprise and interest that comes over people’s faces when they hear about it. “Really? She does what?” It’s fun for you to tell stories and explain the ins and outs of flying. The way some people respond, it’s just about as cool as being an astronaut. While your spouse may not have flown a plane into the Hudson River, you love them–and that means you love to brag about them. You get them aviation shirts for Christmas and keep on telling new friends. Yes.. yes… my spouse is pretty great… they fly for a living.

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