Best Exotic Small Pets That Are Easy To Own

Pets bring a lot of love and companionship to many people. On national love your pet day, it is essential that we remember it’s not just about cats and dogs. There are plenty of exotic small pets that make excellent companions. If you’ve been considering an exotic small pet and are wondering what is easy to keep and look after, then here’s a great insight for you.

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What Is An Exotic Pet?

An exotic pet tends to be a little more unusual than your average cat or dog. You do need to make sure that you can legally keep the pet in your country, and this article focuses on pets that are suitable for people who live in the UK. Even if a pet is easy to own and look after, you need to make sure you have researched it and understand how to care for it before taking it on. Some pets will make perfect apartment living companions, whereas other exotics need more space.

1. African Pygmy Hedgehog

You cannot remove a wild hedgehog from its natural habitat, but you can keep African pygmy hedgehogs. They generally tend to be pale and almost white in colour, they are still prickly, but they are very small and don’t take up much room. You will need to have a suitable setup that includes a heat lamp and understand what food they eat.

2. Pygmy Goat

If you have some space but not enough to have a farm, a pygmy goat is an adorable exotic pet. They are really sweet and friendly and tend to exercise themselves playing and gambolling around. They can be quite noisy, so make sure your neighbors aren’t going to complain and also check whether you are allowed to keep them as some properties have covenants that forbid any farm-type animals.

3. Tarantula

Keeping a tarantula is actually really relatively easy, but not great if you have arachnophobia. You may find that friends and family don’t want to come over anymore, which is great if you’re looking to become a hermit. They are straightforward to keep and don’t require much maintenance, but for your peace of mind, you might want to ensure the tank is secure.

4. Axolotl

These creatures are seriously cute; they live in a fish tank-type setup but need to come up for air. The tank needs to have a secure top as they can potentially clamber around. They are like some kind of fish with legs but have the cutest little faces and are no more challenging to keep than fish. You will need to change the water, make sure it’s heated, and feed them, but other than that, there’s not much to keep them.

5. Chinchilla

If you like cute fluffy pets, but I’m not a fan of the traditional rabbit or Guinea pig, then a chinchilla could be for you. They have incredibly soft fur, which sadly has been used in the past to make clothing for humans. They are kept in cages similar to rabbits but need a little bit more space as they are very agile and active. They have adorable big ears and huge fluffy tails. They are suitable for older children but potentially not the right pet for younger children as they do require a little bit of upkeep.

6. Sugar Gliders

Not everyone has heard of a sugar glider, and again these are rodents like creatures. They share family history with koala bears and Kangaroos. They are friendly, but they do need to lift with someone who understands them. A sugar glider loves to form a bond with its owner and will happily sit with you and cuddle up.

7. Giant African Land Snails

Super easy to keep, the giant African land snail is often found in nurseries and classrooms as they teach children about animal care without hard work. They are a little bit gross and slimy, but it’s fun to see them arrive as tiny little creatures and then grow into really awesome-looking snails. Their shells are pretty impressive and beautifully designed.

8. Corn Snakes

If you are a beginner in snakes, you will be told a corn snake is a great place to start. It is essential to respect creatures like this, so picking a harmless, quiet snake is a safe bet while you are learning how to care for them. Again, they’re not the most socially enhancing creatures, so don’t be surprised if friends and family don’t want to visit.

9. Bengal Cats

Bengal cats and some other cat breeds border on being exotic species. Bengals, in particular, look a lot like leopards and as they are not legal to keep a Bengal is a great substitution. Purebred cats are often kept as house cats because they are highly sought after and likely to be stolen if they roam outside. However, like normal house cats, they are friendly and attentive and love to cuddle up with their owners.

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