Burgers Made With Killer Snakes – Nom Nom!

Here in the States, we’ve all seen the horrible pictures showing how some places prepare chicken wings, right? It’s shocking and disgusting; yet we eat them and love them anyway (at least I do).

Apparently in Indonesia, they’ve got the same thing going on, but instead of chicken wings, it’s snake burgers made with local snakes. Cobras are caught, beheaded, the skin removed, cleaned, filleted, and then ground up for burgers with a little seasoning and served in restaurants. The locals say it “tastes like chicken.” Wow.

I’ve included some pictures below from Life. These are disturbing to me, especially since I found a huge snake on my driveway last month. Even though I don’t like snakes, something about this still seems so cruel. I guess it’s no different than eating a hamburger.

[via Life, Amusing Planet]