4 Zombie-Like Businesses That Came Back To Life [Infographic]

When Hostess announced they would have to go out of business after the events of the past week, it hit people in a different way than the usual company closing their doors. The Hostess ordeal made us all realize that no matter how popular a company is, and no matter how much the products may be part of our culture, it can still be at risk of losing it all. Fox Business even published a list of popular brands that may go out of business in 2013. They included Avon, MetroPCS, Suzuki, American Airlines and more. However, not all brands that are on the verge of extinction die off forever. Some of them are zombie-like. This article is about a few that came back to life after almost everyone thought they were dead.

This infographic called Zombie Businesses by BestAccountingSchools.net (design by NowSourcing) lists 4 specific businesses that came back to life – and each one of these zombie-like businesses has an inspiring story. We all know the story of Apple, but I had no idea about LEGO. It can be tough to keep a business going when times are good, but to turn a business around when it’s in a downward spiral, well, that is an incredible feat. I think most of us knew when Old Spice came back to life it was because of that original viral video a few years ago. That was brilliant on so many levels, and now Old Spice is the #1 body wash brand for men. What a turn around!

MGM Studios is another very successful company that filed bankruptcy back in 2010, but today it is still one of the leaders in film and television. However, that is not the norm. Unfortunately, not all businesses who are dying or dead are able to find their zombie magic and resurrect themselves. These 4 came back to life though, and there are a lot of lessons we can learn from their stories.

4 Dying Businesses That Came Back To Life

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