How A Live-In Carer Can Help People With Mobility Problems

Find out about the effects of caring for a loved one with mobility issues and how a live in carer can help. – Over half of the UK disabled population suffer with mobility problems and nearly half of all adults at pension age have a disability. Many people can live well independently, some are cared for by their loved ones and others may have a home help, live in assisted living or in care homes or nursing homes.

Often with a temporary disability, a person will be cared for at home or at their families home until they recover. Long-term, however, care homes or at-home care is a more viable option as caring for a loved one with mobility issues can be incredibly difficult both physically and emotionally.

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How A Live-In Carer Can Help

Live-in carers providing home help services are a really good choice if you are looking into long-term care for a loved one with mobility issues. Live-in carers will move into your home and be able to enhance the life of their client in many different ways such as:

  • Providing physical therapy and exercise so that the mobility of their client is as high as it can be
  • Providing strengthening exercise to help prevent any future falls
  • Arranging physical exercises and hobbies based around the clients’ needs and abilities
  • Working with the current home setup to make the daily routine as easy as possible for everyone
  • Suggesting devices and adjustments to make the home more suitable to the mobility needs of their client

A live-in carer will also ensure that the nutritional needs of the client are met, and the house is kept clean and tidy. On arrangement, they can also provide pet care, gardening, help with running errands and even holiday accompaniment. Most importantly they provide companionship to their client, which is invaluable.

How To Find Live-In Carers

It is a great idea to speak to your doctor about getting a care assessment in your area if you think you want to get help with care. There is also lots of information available from the not-for-profit organization the Live-in Care Hub so do your research and take your time. The care choice you make will have a big impact on your loved one’s future, and how much their mobility issues will affect their quality of life. The right care option can not only help with day to day life but enhance the later life chapters of you and your loved one.

Helping The Family

The impact of a carer coming and providing help to a live-in carer doesn’t only impact the client, but the family of the client. Loved ones may not be able to provide adequate care for their loved one, despite trying. Caring for somebody with mobility issues is very hard, especially if you aren’t in peak physical condition yourself.

Carers are also trained in special techniques for lifting and moving clients without straining or hurting themselves. As well as the physical help provided by the live-in carer, the clients family get peace of mind that their loved one is able to remain at home, in the place they love the most. They get peace of mind that their loved one has the support and care they need to live their best life.

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