Causes Of A Slow-Draining Sink

There will be times that you will find your kitchen or bathroom sink drains slower than usual. This can be an inconvenience to you as it requires extra work to unclog or clear these problems. When this occurs, it is a good idea to find out what the problem is causing your basins from draining properly in order to fix and prevent the issue from occurring again.

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Bathrooms Sinks

Slow drains can be a problem in your bathroom. Whenever this occurs, the biggest culprit in this scenario is usually hair, typically in the form of stubble is what usually gets caught in pop-up stoppers as a result of shaving, trimming, and general washing. Loose hair from brushing and washing can also get caught and stuck. It isn’t a big issue, as the professionals at will let you know this is a common occurrence.

The good thing with these issues is it can typically be resolved without having to call a plumber, but by simply removing the hair which tends to rest closer to the top of the drainage unit. It can be a little messy, but is usually an easy fix. Additionally, preventing these clogs and drainage issues is as easy as installing stoppers and filters to catch loose hairs from getting into the drain.

Never use your bathroom drains to throw away food, as they are not usually built to get rid of that sort of debris. Remember to clean and clear your strainers frequently to keep your water flowing.

Kitchen Drains

Your kitchen drain is usually built to withstand different types of debris than your bathroom pipes. Even then, clogs can be a frequent problem if you are not mindful of what is going down your drain system. Food and grease are the biggest culprits here, usually getting trapped and clogging up your drain pipes. Over time, food particles and grease will build up, inhibiting water flow. Installing strainers in these drains are beneficial for catching food.

When it comes to grease, you want to avoid throwing that down your sinks as well, because they can cause problems further down your pipes where you will not be able to reach and have to get a professional to deal with. Other problems that can cause slow draining issues are people throwing coffee grounds down the sink as well. Be careful and dispose of your coffee properly in the garbage to avoid clogged pipes.

Laundry Room Sinks And Pipes

Your laundry can be another cause to slow drains. If you use a washing machine in a shared sink for your kitchen or bathroom, this can multiply the issues that contribute to slow draining sinks. This is because going through the washing process, clothing particles and fibers will leave the wash as it drains water.

These fibers can cause clogs in your pipes, and if shared in kitchens or bathrooms, can get caught and buildup with grease or hair, making problems more frequent. It is a good idea to have your laundry system separate from your other drains but if not, you should install a strainer to help alleviate what goes down your drains.

Single Slow Drains

If you find that the problem of slow drainage is only occurring over a single drain, you can typically fix the issue yourself. Dislodging and clearing of the clog will usually do the trick. You may use drain cleaners for tougher clogs but you want to try and avoid them, especially more frequent usage as these can be harmful to your pipes in the long run. If your drains do not clear or flooding happens after you have dislodged what you thought to be causing the issue, you may need to call in professionals as the problem may be further down in your drainage system.

Multiple Slow Drains

If you have multiple sinks or drains flooding, or are draining slowly, this may be a sign that there is a problem further down your drain and vent lines. This could be an issue with your sewer line or the septic system. In this case, you definitely want to call for a plumber as soon as possible as this would not be something you can fix on your own. A professional can properly assess and fix the problem with a solution to ensure your pipes don’t clog up again.

Slow drains in your home can be quite an inconvenience. They aren’t always big issues but if not treated properly and immediately, they can lead to bigger problems down the road. It is important to access what type of drainage issues you have and where the problem is coming from. For any bigger clogs that can’t be handled and fixed on your own, remember to call a professional to prevent the risk of further damage.

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