Chocolate Bunnies: Our Easter Candy Shame [Infographic]

Happy Easter to all our readers who celebrate this holiday! Are you going to make an Easter basket for anyone special in your life this weekend? I plan to. Did you know that Americans buy over 120 million pounds of Easter candy each year? That’s enough to fill 4,615 dump trucks.

As far as chocolate consumption holidays rank, Halloween is first, Easter is second and Valentine’s Day is third. You can find all these and other interesting facts about Easter candy on this cute infographic below created by Degree Search.

How do you eat your chocolate bunnies? Head first, tail first or ears first? I’m definitely an ears first kind of chocolate bunny eater. I only have one child, and lucky for me, he doesn’t really like sweets. I usually fill his Easter basket with a few toys and the preverbal pack of tube socks. According to this infographic, enough jelly beans are made for Easter to circle the globe almost three times. Eeewww… I think I’m getting a sugar rush just from reading this. Wanna see more Easter nonsense? Check out 13 Disturbingly Evil Easter Bunnies.

Our Easter Candy Shame

Via: [Cool Infographics]