S’mores Spaghetti: Marshmallow & Chocolate Pasta For Geeks

You may wonder why this s’mores spaghetti is for geeks. It’s because there was more science used to put this together than I’ve ever used in any chemistry class. Not only will that make this extra fun to make, but I’m sure it tastes delish too. I mean, it’s basically marshmallow and chocolate pasta with graham crackers. Ahh..hello!

Nick from Dude Foods combined traditional s’mores that you’d make by roasting marshmallows over a campfire (sans the fire) and molecular gastronomy, which is the study of the chemical and physical processes that occur in cooking.

For this recipe, the molecular gastronomy involves a syringe full of science-infused deliciousness which all comes together to make this abomination of sweet pasta that I’d gobble up in two seconds. The brown noodles in this dish are obviously the chocolate pasta. The white ones are made from melted marshmallow. Those are crushed and crumbled graham crackers sprinkled on top. According to Nick, after he created his secret mixture (which you can read all about on his website), “the mixture is then sucked up into a plastic syringe and injected into plastic tubing, which is placed in a bowl of water to allow the spaghetti to set. After a few minutes, air is injected back into the plastic tubes thus pushing the finished noodles out the other end.”

I wonder if this marshmallow and chocolate pasta concoction would be served for the main course or the dessert. I think I’d eat it for both. If you have the guts to give it a go, I hope you will come back and leave us a picture. This would be great for any geeky parties you have coming up. It would also be a big hit for a high school student who needs a creative idea for the science fair. Can you imagine making this and giving out samples? Your teacher would give you an A+ for sure!

How About Some Chocolate Pasta For Dinner Tonight?




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