Christmas Tea: A Special Holiday Tea Bag Designed For Two

Even though this holiday tea bag design is truly brilliant and very cozy (since it takes two people in order for it to function), when I first saw it, it reminded me of this lazy person’s Christmas tree. LOL This little design is called Christmas Tea. It invites people to spend time together and to share a cup of the most popular winter drink in the world, tea.

It’s an inspiring tea packaging concept created by Maja Matas, Kresimir Miloloza, and Jozo Matas from Croatia. They write, “It encourages the sharing of a hot beverage with a dear person in the Christmas spirit.” I think it would be so much fun to have a box of these in my kitchen during the holiday season.

As you see, the Christmas trees are complete when they first come out of the box. They are then separated and each half has a tea bag, creating the perfect tea-for-two. The Christmas tree halves sit gently on the side of the mug while the tea steeps. You can read an interview with the designers on Core77. If like to creative tea bag designs, you might also enjoy seeing this tea bag that folds into an origami mug, this used tea bag art, and even this closet filled with tea bag shirts.

Holiday Tea Bag For Designers

Holiday Tea For Designers

Holiday Tea For Designers

Holiday Tea For Designers

Via: [The Dieline]