Coffee Never Had This Much Zing!

I love coffee!! I know a lot of you out there would agree that the day wouldn’t be complete without a cup of good coffee! Nothing makes my day more than sitting at my desk, sipping a good hot brewed cup of coffee. Instant coffee never really works out as well as the brewed ones. I believe a good coffee maker is a necessity more than a luxury. It is always a joy when you own a good coffee machine that makes a perfect cup every time.

Just recently our coffee machine broke at the office, and as a result, everyone was grumpy. So now we have two, one as back up just in case that happens again. I found a coffee maker that is quite cool. It is called the Racepresso! What a name right?! It’s a helmet and a coffee machine in one. Once again, style and function rolled into one.

According to Yanko design – Schumi’s pet Ferrari branding and Nespresso cross breading is evident in this helmet-styled coffee machine. What gives the writer the kicks is that it will fit perfectly into retro-styled interiors from the 70s-80s era where it was all about having loud, faux-branded unique collectibles! So very Kitsch!

Main Image: Coffee Made with Love

Racepresso Machine Designed by Ilgar Rustamov (Yanko Design)