Common Pests And What You Can Do To Get Rid of Them

One thing everyone can agree on: pests can be a nuisance. Small as they are, they can also cause damage, spread diseases, and even give you nightmares. Fortunately, a quick solution is always handy whenever there is a pest attack.

Let’s talk about the common pests.

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They are disgusting black or grayish flying insects that love filth. They will be in your palm just a few seconds after you expose something rotten to the environment. If you discover a blocked drain, they will be there before you reach out to the sump drain flush.

The first thing you need is to make sure that there are no open breeding grounds. Flies multiply fast, and within two months, a housefly can lay up to 3000 eggs. Ensuring that they don’t have a breeding ground is imperative. If they are already there, you can use repellants. Aerosol sprays repel and kill those that are too weak to fly away. You can also use liquid or powdered insecticide. If you are not a fan of toxic materials, you can use traps and adhesion tapes to trap them.


They can be destructive. Anything wooden is at risk of termite infestation. They can eat the whole piece of wood if you don’t deal with them. As usual, the critical issue is to prevent them from ever accessing your premises. If they are already there, they have already started chewing your precious items. Termite treatment is the most effective preventive mechanism. Treatment will be an excellent long-term solution to the termite problem.

If you are concerned about cost, you can learn more about the costs and methods of termite treatment from Despesify. You can also learn how to care for your wooden picture frames, and decorations by keeping the termites away.

If they are already there, you need to find the breeding area. Termites live in colonies. The queen mother is the center of power. If you find and destroy her nest, you will have dealt the termites a significant blow. You can then use insecticides to eliminate the colony. You need the proper gear to do it safely. If you don’t have the correct tools and equipment, call a professional termite removal expert for help. You can also use natural methods to prevent termite infestations. Diatomaceous earth is an effective repellent if the problem is minor.


Aren’t they everywhere? They will hide in every corner of the house, wardrobe, behind curtains, in crawl spaces, in the closet, and virtually everywhere. They are characteristically brownish. They love to nibble on any leftovers, bread crumbs, and other foodstuffs. Cleaning up and ensuring that they don’t have places to hide or food to eat can help reduce their headcount. However, you will need insecticides to deal with them. Poisoned baits are quite useful for adults, but the eggs will hatch and bring in a new army. You have to kill the eggs too.

Bed Bugs

They can infest your beddings, furniture, and carpets. Once they attack, you cannot sleep in that house peacefully. Prevention here is paramount. They love to infest immobile items. If you have the habit of changing beddings and rugs often, they are unlikely to affect you. Regular cleaning and inspection can help weed out the problem before it becomes a problem. Professional removal includes cleaning and fumigation. For effective elimination, you may need to leave the house for a while after fumigation using insecticides. For prevention, you can use powdered pesticides.


Rats breed quickly. If you see one of them, you have to act before they multiply. Traps are effective if the rats are few. Baits also work well if you know where the rats stay. Rats will not just destroy your cereals, clothes, and other valuables; they can also transmit deadly diseases such as plague and LCMV. They can host dangerous viruses and bacteria. If you have garden chicken, you will need to be careful with rodent baits. Poisoned baits can also kill birds. The best place to place such baits is in hidden places and tight corners that only rats can squeeze in.


An infestation of fleas will ravage you and your pets. Lucky for you, a systematic removal can eliminate the problem. However, it would be best if you tried to prevent the problem. They breed in pet houses, dusty areas, and abandoned buildings. Prevention includes insecticidal dust, which can be sprayed around corners and in dirty places, and pesticides.

Prevention is the best option for pests. Destroying their breeding grounds allows you to deal with a small population of pests that you can control with mild remedies. For major infestation, always use professional pest removal services.

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