Cook Yourself Or Choose A Wedding Caterer? [Infographic]

Cooking is a very simple but yet a very tricky process. The line might seem to be a bit contradictory but that’s truly how it is. Cooking is a form of math and if you get the math right the dish will be a work of perfection. Precession plays a big role in cooking. Measurements, time, temperature all has to be maintained and measured to accuracy.

Every meat is different from one another. Their texture, fat content, weight and cut plays a big role in how long you will have to let them cook. A mismanagement of a minute can over or undercook your entire dish and therefore requires a lot of observation while the meat is cooking on the stove.

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It all might seem a bit confusing. But the math is actually pretty simple. Just maintain the time that each meat requires to be cooked for. Chicken and other poultry items take much less time than the red meets. Time to cook fish will also vary depending on the type of fish you are using. The size and cut and level of humidity will play a vital role in the cooking process of the meat too. Therefore you will have to be careful of the time that the meat takes to cook.

Often people tend to get nervous about whether the meat will remain raw or what if the meat is overcooked and chewy. It is all about the time management here. Worry no more as the infographic has been created to help with the time and detail of how long you should be cooking the meat and fish for to keep their flavor and nutrient intact and present a tasty dish to your family. Please have a look for knowing in depth of how long each type of meat has to be cooked for.

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Poultry Meats Cooking Time Infographic Image