These Matchstick Cookies Show Us That We Are All Connected

The behind-the-scenes story of these matchstick cookies is a great illustration for new bloggers. I once saw someone tweet that every blog post comes from another blog post. If you stop for a moment and think about that, for the most part, it’s true. It’s quite a deep interpretation really, and it’s the reason why people often say the Internet is an ecosystem all its own. Whether the blogger credits an original source or not, most of what we all write about is inspired by something else we’ve read online, right?

I know for me, that is definitely the case. And, when I do write something completely original (which wasn’t inspired by anything I read online), it shows because the quality is on a different level. Let me illustrate my point with these matchstick cookies. First, someone spotted different matchstick cookies here on a Korean blog called KANON and pinned them. Then, the blogger behind IFeelCook was inspired to take that recipe, put her own spin on it, and publish her matchstick cookies (which are featured below) on a blog written in Spanish (she is in Barcelona). Then, others came along, inspired by what she did, and wrote about it in English.

So, these little matchstick cookies represent an idea that has made its way around the world thanks to the wonders of the Internet. I wonder if the people in Korea know that their matchstick cookie idea has inspired people everywhere…probably not. The next time you have an original idea and you put it out there on the web, just remember that you never know who you will inspire in the process. It may have already happened and you don’t know it. You may be making more of a contribution to the worldwide Internet community than you imagined.

If you would like to make these for yourself, you can click over to IFeelCook’s Matchstick Cookies blog post (courtesy of Google Translate). They look very simple to make. The hardest part might be finding a matchbox to place them in. You’ll definitely need that to get the full effect!

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Via: [Jay Mug] Image Credit: [IFeelCook / Flickr]