Cupcake Lovers Rejoice: Cupcake Inspired Goodies!

I love cupcakes, and I know our entire team at the office loves them too. At the office, we are quite spoiled when it comes to cupcakes. We have Marga, an office mate, who is a master baker. We love all the baked goodies that she brings into the office. Whenever someone has a birthday, we know we will get our favorite treat! She usually bakes us our favorite chocolate cupcakes and the red velvet ones that have an added bonus of cream cheese icing. Just thinking about them makes my mouth water. I think cupcakes are the perfect treat. They are not as big as a slice of ordinary cake, yet they’re just big enough, I believe, to satisfy our sweet cravings.

I was browsing through the web, and I found some unusual cupcake goodies that are very unique. One item is the Cupcake Stress Reliever. Squeeze this and feel the stress melt away. Or, if you like chewing gum, then the Cupcake Gumballs are for you! How about an instant cupcake rush? Think Geek has some Fizzy Drink Cupcake Tablets to hit the spot. For those who like to protect their lips and have that hint of cupcake flavor, then the Cupcake Lip Balm is for you. Now cupcake lovers can rejoice! These items are perfect as a gift for your geeky friends or just for your own pleasure!