Dare To Live Your Dreams | The Story of Kandee Johnson

I just can’t get enough of Kandee Johnson. Her makeup artistry tutorials continue to help women around the world and in 2009, she reached Internet celebrity status. It wasn’t always easy for her, which is why I think so many people can relate to her story and love her.

She got married and had a baby very young, which led to a divorce and hard times. She is an example of someone who followed her dreams relentlessly and pulled herself out of the rut she was in. She was up against serious odds that would have made some of the strongest people crumble. Now she is taking that experience and using it to motivate and inspire others. It is people like her that truly make this world a better place.

My Twitter friend @dasaples, sent me this video below and I was so moved by it I had to share it with you. If you are in a situation where you are wondering whether or not to keep pursuing your dreams, you must watch this.

I know from being an entrepreneur for over a decade that at times we doubt ourselves and wonder if it is all worth it. We work so hard each day with no guarantee that it will all pay off. However, deep down we know that if we love what we do and feel that fire inside, we are on the right track and doing what we are born to do. We can take a deep breath and say, “Everything is going to be ok.” Be brave!

Watch Kandee Johnson’s story and you will be inspired to take the next step towards your own dreams. And, in Kandee’s own words, “May 2010 be filled with sparkles, love, dreams, and lots of hope!”