Do You Freak Out When Your Internet Goes Down?

I like watching videos online, I usually never watch that much television anymore, because majority of the news I can already read or watch online, or even some of my favorite TV shows I get to watch re runs as I often miss them anyways during regular programming time.  Then I saw this video about a guy who talks about his internet going down.  That made me ask the question, do people freak out now when the internet goes down?

Well I know that people freak out when Twitter goes down, then I guess so much so when the internet does.  Imagine not being able to Tweet nor to update or play your favorite social game or update their status on FaceBook.  Let’s be honest, I am sure just like me, there are occasions when you do freak out or get really upset when your service provider fails in providing you the fast and efficient service.  But in a way I have been able to mellow a bit and do the following instead of freaking out:

1.  Read a favorite book – Seems a better thing to do than rant, right?!

2. Go out and stroll around – I believe its the best way to keep your mind off the internet not being available.

3. Use my Mobile Phone – Thank goodness for internet on our mobile device, one can still update one’s status to say that your internet connection sucks.

I am sure there are a lot of other things one can do while the network is down, I just wanted to share here with you the funny video that I watched.  Maybe you have other suggestions for us internet dependent people.  Share it with us here, we would love to hear what you have in mind.  So let me throw the question back at you, do you freak out when your internet connection goes down?  Be honest, no one here will judge you.