10 Doubting Thoughts That Can Cripple Creativity [Infographic]

How many working hours do you think you have between now and when you die? Will you have enough time to accomplish what you want during that time so you can leave a legacy for others, or will you die feeling regretful that you didn’t work harder and plan better? It’s an interesting question because if you don’t like your job, which many people don’t, you might not look forward to all the working hours remaining in your lifetime. If you are an entrepreneur, the number of working hours left in your lifetime might seem low, and you might suddenly feel like you haven’t gotten enough done so far in the time you’ve had. Many times it’s our own doubting thoughts that keep us from staying focused and on target to reach our goals.

I’ve written about this many times before. I’ve been an entrepreneur for over a decade, and even though I know how damaging doubting thoughts can be, I still feel them creep up into my own mind from time to time. I think it’s just part of being human. However, it’s important to realize that dwelling on fear and doubt will cripple our creativity which can sabotage our dreams. When I’m feeling those thoughts, I often wish I could turn on the hose, open up my head, and hose out all those doubting thoughts so I can start all fresh and clean. Surprisingly, sometimes just imaging doing that is enough to clear them away.

I thought this little chart or infographic by Funders and Founders called Why People Don’t Do? was inspiring when it comes to doubting thoughts. It covers 10 different things we may think, all of which can karate chop our creativity. Read this, know you aren’t alone, and then hose out your mind so you can start fresh and achieve your dreams!

Don’t Let These Doubting Thoughts Cripple Your Creativity


Header Image Credit: [RiseSmart]