Energy Consumption Tips At Home During Coronavirus Quarantine

The onset of the Coronavirus has really tested us in a number of ways. We find ourselves homebound because of the quarantine, and it’s important that we continue to do so until we can be sure that all is well. It’s no secret that because we’re spending time in our homes 24/7, that there are a couple of things that are going to change. One of the more obvious changes is the fact that we are consuming much more energy at home, and this, of course, hikes up the bills considerably.

When you own a business, for instance, there are ways to save up on energy by using services that allow you to pick the best providers. According to these energy experts, if you feel that your current provider doesn’t fairly bill you despite this crisis, it would be better to check on other offers from various providers and see which one would be more ideal for your business.

This is especially crucial with large spaces and businesses as you will need to keep some lights and security measures on if you wouldn’t be able to come by during this outbreak. But now that we’re all homebound, we’re using a considerable amount of energy as well, and while we’re set with the providers we’re using, there are still ways to save energy.

This is why we’re going to provide you with a couple of tips that will help you to consume energy wisely during this difficult time.

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Become Aware Of Vampire Power

There are a lot of devices that use up electricity, even when you turn them off. This is better known as vampire power, where a device is eating up the energy without your knowledge. Items such as laptops, chargers, and even microwaves tend to keep on consuming power, even when you’re not using them, so the best thing to do is to make it a habit to unplug a device that you’re not using to ensure that it’s not taking up any energy.

Invest In Power Strips

It’s important that you get a power strip to plug in all your devices because what these strips do is they allow even output to go out, protects your devices from short-circuiting, and most of all, makes it very easy to switch off or unplug all your devices in one go.

Wash The Dishes By Hand

Dishwashers tend to take up a lot of energy and water alike, so during the quarantine, you’re not like to have people over or have to wash too many things in one go. So it would be much easier for you to just wash the dishes by hand, and also air-dry them. This way, you’ll be saving water and electricity as well.

Replace Your Light Bulbs

Make sure that you have energy-saving light bulbs in place because you’ll be amazed at how much electricity you will save by using them. Don’t forget to switch off the lights in any rooms that you are not using. If you still have some old ones, maybe it’s time you consider an upgrade.

Makes Sure Your Appliances Are Energy Savers

These days, appliances are made with the idea of energy-efficiency in mind. So if you have appliances that are older, they’re probably taking up a ton of energy. Get online, and research which would be the best energy-saving appliances, such as microwaves and washing machines, and see if you can order them because you’ll actually be saving a ton of energy this way. Keep in mind that now this is important more than ever because you will be using these appliances a lot these days.

Take Shorter Showers With Moderate Temperatures

Remember that when you have a shower or a bath, you’re using up gas, electricity, and water. This is why you need to be mindful when you are bathing. Make sure that the water isn’t unnecessarily too hot, turn the water off while you shampoo or soap up your body, and try to make the showers as short as possible. During the quarantine, you want to stay clean as often as possible, and you also want to ensure that you’re not wasting any of your energy whatsoever.

Give The Electronic Devices A Break

While we’re in quarantine, we are more likely to go crazy using our electronic devices. Not only is this not good for your posture and eyes, but it also takes up a ton of energy. Think about reading a book, cooking up a new recipe, or even taking on a DIY project to give yourself a break and to save on energy as well.

We’re using everything in our home in a much more intensive way during the quarantine period, and this is why it’s important to keep these tips in mind and be more aware of the fact that we are consuming much more energy than we ever have. Stay safe, and be energy efficient during these difficult times.

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