Fans Will Want To Visit All Of These Fantastic Destinations

You have read about these places in your favorite paperback books and watched them in amazement on your television, like the majestic mountains of Middle Earth or the towering castles of Westeros. For years, you have convinced yourself that these realms are just descriptions on pages and CGI on screens, but you can visit the destinations of your dreams in real life. Dedicated fans can pack their suitcases and book their tickets to take part in the new phenomenon of fantasy tourism.

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Harry Potter

People who adore the books and movies about the boy who lived can board a plane and cross the ocean for a magical trip. You can go to Oxford to browse the shelves of the Hogwarts library, go to Glencoe to see the lush grounds and Edinburgh to shop around Diagon Alley.

Start off the vacation by making your way to the King’s Cross in London, where you can act like the students waiting to start their new year. One of the top Harry Potter things to do in the United Kingdom is to go to the nine and three-quarters platform at the train station and to pretend like you are going to run through an enchanted brick wall before the Hogwarts Express leaves without you.

Game Of Thrones

You have longed to travel across Westeros and survive the mystical battles since you watched the very first episode. The showrunners film the series in various locations across the globe to capture the unique looks of each land.

To wander through the streets of King’s Landing, you will have to go all the way to Croatia. If that plane ticket is too much of an expense for your bank account, the website Game of Canada offers a nearby solution — the cobblestone paths and beautiful buildings of Old Quebec make it a complete match for the ancient and regal city.

The Lord Of The Rings

Going to New Zealand to see all of the filming locations for The Lord of Rings is so popular it’s called Tolkien tourism — there are so many international visitors coming for this purpose that it affects the entire country’s economy. The trilogy was shot in different spots to get views of grand mountain ranges, clear rivers, and quiet farmland.

Anyone who longed to be a part of the great quest to destroy the evil and all-powerful ring should go to a number of Lord of the Rings film locations to get a taste of the adventure that the fellowship went through. On the North Island, go to Matamata’s set for Hobbiton with homes built inside the hillsides and Wellington’s Kaitoke Regional Park to walk through the elven realm of Rivendell. On the South, book a helicopter flight to get an eagle eye’s view of the valley of Dimrill Dale.

You don’t have to close your eyes and imagine what it’s like to be in these magical destinations. If you have money in the bank and a passport, you can visit all of these spectacular settings during your next vacation.

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